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Immunizations/ Medical Assessment form

As part of the admissions process for Oral Roberts University, full time students are required to provide a completed Medical Assessment form which includes a medical history, a physical examination, physician's recommendation for exercise and immunization records. Medical Assessments and copies of immunization records should be mailed, faxed, emailed or personally delivered to:

ORU Student Health Services
EMR Dorm 1st Floor
7777 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74171

Office Phone:  (918) 495-6341
Fax:  (918) 495-6274
Email:  studenthealth@oru.edu

Oral Roberts University is in compliance with the State of Oklahoma's requirements for the immunization of college students. ORU's requirements are as follows for all full time and/or residential students:

  • DtaP/DTP/DT/Td (dip/tet series) 5 doses
         (If the Td (tetanus/diphtheria) has not been taken within the last ten years, a booster is required.)
  • IPV/OPV (polio series) 4 doses
         (Childhood immunizations. Not required after the age of 18 except for the purpose of foreign travel.)
  • MMR Series 2 doses
         (One measles/mumps/rubella combination AND one measles vaccination.)
  • TB Skin Test (PPD)* 1 test
         (Must be taken within one year prior to the beginning of active enrollment.  If the student has a "positive"
         reading, report from a chest x-ray is required.)
  • Meningococcal Vaccination 1 dose
  • Hepatitis B Series 3 doses
    (HepB2 is taken 1 month after HepB1, and HepB3 is taken 4-6 months thereafter.)
  • Varicella 1 dose recommended
    (Immunization is not required. Student should indicate on Medical Assessment whether  they have had the Varicella vaccination and/or chicken pox disease.)

Part Time Students are required to provide immunization records for the MMR series, Hep B series, Meningococcal vaccine and a TB Skin Test. If a part time student is enrolled in any HPER class an ORU Medical Assessment is also required.

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