Ready to surf the Web to find resources to study Spanish, or learn about Hispanic culture, or find the latest news from Costa Rica or Spain? Here are some websites to get you started, but you can just search for anything on your own. Use phrases like "learn spanish online" or "culture of Spain" or "travel to Bolivia," and you'll find a lot of good information to sort through....

Language Learning Resources

Study Spanish.com - grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.
Spanish.About.com - grammar, culture, media, etc.
BBC's Languages Site - see the Spanish section "Mi Vida Loca" for online series
Online Spanish Help - flashcards, games, conjugation charts, etc.
Beginning Spanish Grammar - About.com section for intro to language
Intermediate Spanish Grammar - About.com section
Don Quijote - Word of the Day, games, and more resources
Spanish Dict Resources - video, flashcards, games, exercises
E-Learn Spanish - free lessons in many categories

Games, Jokes, Stories, Fun Stuff

1st Semester Spanish Love Song - a You Tube recommendation from Sra. Calderon
Storyplace- choose the button Español to see children's stories in Spanish
Spanish Vocab Games - comprehensive list of simple games for Spanish students
Disneyland Paris - site in Spanish
YouTube Videos to Learn Spanish - search for videos that teach various language points
More Spanish Learning Games - from Don Quijote website

Art, Music, Literature, Culture

Spanish Arts - classic artworks, museums, literature, music, architecture
Tour Spain - video and photo tour of Spain
Sí España - current affairs in Spain
Guide to New York - guide to the Big Apple in Spanish
Hispanic Poetry - collection of Hispanic authors

Dictionary and Translation

My Spanish Dictionary
Spanish Dict

TravLang Dictionaries
Your Dictionary
Online Dictionary

Media and News

CNN en Español - you know CNN
Univision - Hispanic news in the United States, text, radio and video
El Mundo - newspaper from Bolivia
Nación - newspaper from Costa Rica
El Colombiano - newspaper from Colombia
El Mundo - newspaper from Spain

Medical Spanish - comprehensive online course to teach medical personnel

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