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How do I access the summer course catalog?

Below are the steps to access the summer course catalog:

  • Select “Summer Schedule”
  • Select the “Subject” you desire
  • Select “Class Search”
  • View the results organized by Subject and Summer Session
Can I complete my undergraduate degree faster when enrolling in Summer School?
  • Yes, three-year degree plan sheets are available from each college for each major.  See your advisor for a 3-year degree plan sheet.
How does Summer School make degree completion potentially less expensive?
  • Complete degrees in a shorter amount of time (3 years vs. 4 years) using 3-year degree plans available from each college. 
  •  Note:  Students may be eligible to utilize federal aid for summer school; the Student Service Group in Financial Aid can answer specific questions (
 How can I get discounted housing?

For residential students (i.e., full-time, residential students during the semester)

  • Free Housing (100% Waiver) => 12 credit hours (up to 6 of these can be online credit hours)
  • 75% waiver for 9 credit hours (up to 4.5 of these can be online credit hours)
  • 50% discount for 6 credit hours (up to 3 of these can be online credit hours)



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