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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

  • Can I take classes at my own pace?
    • Yes! The MBA program is very flexible and offers all types of students the opportunity to earn an MBA. You can take classes part time or full time. A few select classes are offered during the summer sessions.
  • Can I live on campus during grad school?
    • Yes! You will need to fill out a petition with the Dean of Women/Men (918.495.7708/7701) to live on campus. Also, contact Housing at housing.oru.edu or 918.495.7711. This situation is recommended for international students.
  • What will my diploma read?
    • Master of Business Administration. Doesn't that sound awesome?
  • Will I need to take leveling courses?
    • Perhaps. Leveling course requirements depend on your previous schooling. Students with undergraduate degrees in business will most likely not require leveling courses. However, if your educational background is not in business, you may require some leveling courses.
  • What is the GRE/GMAT requirement for admission?
    • We do not require the GRE or GMAT for admission. You're off the hook!
  • Why doesn't your MBA program require the GRE/GMAT?
    • Great question! Our program does not require the GRE/GMAT because of our GPA requirements, 3.2 or better, and our suspension policy. The suspension policy states that if anyone gets 3 C's, 2 D's or an F in any class in the program, they will be suspended and have to reapply. All students must graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA. This is how we strive to maintain the rigor and high standard of our MBA program.
  • Does your program offer any scholarships?
    • Yes! There are three scholarship opportunities.
    • The Quest Whole Person Scholarship Competition: ORU's mission is to educate students mind, spirit and body. This annual scholarship seeks to reward those striving to live like a Whole Person. Find more information here: Quest Whole Person Scholarship
    • ORU Retention Scholarship: This is available to ORU alumni that immediately enroll in the graduate program upon completing their undergraduate degree. You must be full-time (9 hours minimum) to receive this scholarship of $1,000. This scholarship is good for one year.
    • ORU Academic Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who have shown academic excellence in their studies. Amounts varying from $1,200 to $2,200 per year are awarded based on the percentile score on the GMAT, GRE or National Field Test and the student's graduating GPA. There is more opportunity for scholarship in the second year of graduate school as well for students with GPAs above a 3.5.
  • I'm a university employee; can my tuition benefits count towards grad school?
    • Yes! You can take up to 6 hours using tuition benefits. What a deal! Contact HR for more information, hr@oru.edu or 918.495.7023.
  • I've started a grad program at another college; can I transfer my graduate level credits to ORU?
    • Yes! Although, our accreditation only allows ORU to accept 6 hours of graduate credit. Also, the classes you completed at your other college may not directly line up with the courses in our MBA program. Your best bet is to send your unofficial transcript to gradadmissions@oru.edu and we can take a look for you.
  • How much is the program?
    • Graduate credits are $737/credit hour. So if you take a three credit class (most are three credits) then you will pay ($737*3=$2,211) for one class. The whole program is 33.5 credits. Then there are some semester fees depending on if you are full time ($615) or part time.
    • If you require leveling courses, you will be looking at some slightly higher tuition costs. Undergraduate leveling courses are $1240/credit hour. So if you take a three credit class (most are three credits) then you will pay ($1240*3=$3,720) for one class. We do offer some classes online at $450/credit hour if you prefer that learning environment.
    • Textbooks can be expensive, so prepare your budget for buying books, as well.
  • How long will it take me to finish?
    • Depends on how many leveling courses you require. Many students are able to finish in three semesters, without leveling.
  • Is chapel attendance required?
    • Yes! ORU has two chapel services per week, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00am. This is a great time of connecting with community, worship, teaching, prayer and encountering God. Commuter graduate students are required to attend once per week and graduate students living on campus are required to attend twice per week. However, if you work full-time and will not be able to attend, Dr. Wright (Chair of the Graduate School of Business) will work with you.
  • Can I send in my own copies of transcripts for admissions purposes?
    • Unfortunately no. The admissions department needs the official, final transcript directly from your previous college or university. You can request those documents to be sent to ORU at:
      • ORU Graduate Business Admissions
      • 7777 S Lewis Ave
      • Tulsa, OK 74171
  • Can I specialize or concentrate in something?
    • Yes! Adding a concentration is optional. The ORU MBA program offers seven different concentrations, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Management and Non-Profit Management. Concentrations require an additional nine hours of course work for that category.
  • I'm ready to apply, how do I submit an application?
    • Great! We have an online application or a .pdf you can download and print to complete. You can send the completed application to gradadmissions@oru.edu, or by fax 918.495.6500 or mail to
      • ORU Graduate Business Admissions
      • 7777 S Lewis Ave
      • Tulsa, OK 74171
    • With that you'll need to submit a Personal Sketch (not a drawing, an essay) answering five questions about yourself in one to two pages.
    • Next, ask two professors who know you pretty well to complete a two-page recommendation form on your behalf. If you've been out of school for more than five years, you may use professional recommendations who can speak to your work ethic to complete the form for you. They can send the form to the same place as the application. The recommendation must come from a non-relative.
    • You will also need a Minister's recommendation form to be completed on your behalf. If someone is completing this form for you, it is important that you are not related to them. Sorry, moms.
    • Lastly, you'll need to ask all your previous colleges or universities to send your official, final transcript to ORU.
    • If you're an international student, you'll have a few more credentials.
    • Contact WES.org (World Education Services) to have them evaluate your international transcripts. We'll need a course by course evaluation sent to ORU on your behalf.
    • TOEFL - Required if your undergraduate education was instructed in English.
    • Financial Guarantee form - This form shows if you have the funds available. The amount is $28,058 for the '20 - '21 year.

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