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Undertaking an internship enhances your education and gives you work experience that is highly desirable to employers. Each department in the College of Arts and Cultural Studies works with students to locate suitable internship opportunities. The Golden Hire Network also has extensive contacts and resources to help you find an opportunity that meets your needs and gives you experience that will expand your knowledge of your field.

Information about internships from specific departments:

Communication Arts and Media
As the largest department within the largest school at ORU, a wide variety of internships are needed to accommodate all students seeking placement. Among the internships our students have undertaken are placement at newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, television production and post houses, film companies, event planning organizations, web development companies, educational curriculum development corporations, dance companies, and theaters. Students have worked across the country and many parts of the world. From these internship experiences, ORU alums are now working in Hollywood-film and animation, the Nashville music industry, broadcast journalism in New York, Atlanta and the West Coast and the sporting broadcast industry, as well as in government and the political arena.

Internships are offered through local churches as a requirement for Worship Arts Majors. If a church consents to an internship, our professors meet with them to work out the details. The church must have a full time music employee with a music degree for the church to qualify to host an intern.

Art students take internships with a wide variety of companies, both locally and near students' respective homes. Many Graphic Design Print students work for local newspapers, design and advertising firms and publishers. We have even had students work as in-house designers for exhibit and interior design groups. Many Graphic Design Video Majors work for television stations, including local major network affiliates, as well as local production houses with national clientele.
Many students also work for in-house production at churches. These assignments range from the church's only designer at a smaller venue to being part of a larger staff in a "mega-church."

We are flexible with our options for the type of design internship, with the main educational goal of providing an opportunity that is not replicated in the classroom. This customization is valuable to the student feeling ownership of their education and taking the responsibility to develop a plan that is unique to their calling.

English and Modern Languages
For students majoring in Spanish, we offer an internship with the Saint Francis Hospital system in Tulsa. Through this internship students may serve as Spanish translators for different health teams.

Our writing majors have a requirement (and opportunity) to complete a 3 credit hour internship, which may be continued for a total of 6 credit hours. The internship is usually done with a business, publishing house, corporation, church, or school, but can be done within ORU itself (e.g., Word Processing Dept, Oracle Staff, Promethia Staff, etc). The students may complete their internships by working a certain number of hours to earn 1-3 credits a semester, so the internship may extend beyond a semester. (One credit hour constitutes 3 hours of work per week. Two credit hours equal 6 hours of work per week, and three credit hours require 9 hours of work per week.) The student interns' work is evaluated and supervised by a mentor within the organization, who then reports to the coordinator of the internship course in the English department.

Government and International Relations
Our Government and International Relations students often get internships with local, state or federal representatives and senators. Our International Community Development students regularly pursue internships with local and regional non-profit organizations (non-governmental organizations) or other international aid groups.


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