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Inspire - ORU CTD Creative Composition 

Submit by 12/02/19 for your chance to win!


Cash Prizes of 1st - $1000 // 2nd - $750 // 3rd - $500 
+ a pick from our brand new Treasure Chest


Prizes Instructions Examples

Welcome to ORU’s 2nd Annual INSPIRE competition. This year ORU’s Cinema, Television and Digital Media program has collaborated with CV and the yesHeis app to bring you greater opportunities, bigger prizes and an international platform to broadcast your work and see people's lives transformed. 

We are calling ALL ORU storytellers, filmmakers and Jesus lovers to proclaim this message to the world in unique and creative ways. To send the message that there is hope and freedom to be found and a loving father who is waiting for a YES. 


About CV & yesHeis

CV’s Mission is to: ‘Introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers.' Focusing on this vision, CV has developed the yesHeis app for this very purpose. The app contains a pool of incredible Gospel Message videos, allowing Christians to post and share them with their friends all around the world. After watching a video the viewer is invited to find out more about the man they call Jesus. With a vision to ‘touch a billion one by one’, your video and your story, could be part of this mission. 



Of course, there are prizes!Inspire Prizes

HUGE prizes will be awarded for the top three videos, selected by our professional panel of judges with several honorable mentions also available. 

  •  1st Place = $1000 (+ 1st pick from the Treasure Chest)
  • 2nd Place = $750 (+ 2nd pick from the Treasure Chest)
  • 3rd Place = $500 (+ 3rd pick from the Treasure Chest)
  • Honorable Mentions = $250 (+ a pick from the Treasure Chest)

Winning videos may also be selected to be uploaded and used on the yesHeis app which has been used by 1.6 million people, this year alone, to share the gospel. Your video may also be translated into several different languages and distributed even further by CV. Your Video Could Change Lives


Make a video that targets people who have a small belief that God exists and help them to want to know more about Jesus, by showing (symbolically or practically) what Jesus is like and how He connects people to God's love and salvation.'

(See below for theme ideas)

  • Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length
  • Voice over or no dialogue preferred (this is so the video can be translated into different languages)
  • You should own the rights to, or have been given explicit permission to use all content included in your submission.
  • Does not contain credits
  • Must consent to have video published and distributed by ORU, CV and yesHEis worldwide.
  • Provide project files for each video submission (audio, music, sound effect)
  • RELEASE FORMS - All students and participants in the videos will need to sign a talent release form. We will also need a location release form from each location that appears in the video. All releases need to be submitted along with your video.

Theme Ideas:

You all have the ability to write a story, dream and create messages that will change the world, however, we know the first step is sometimes hard. If you are struggling to think of a theme for your film feel free to use the list below for inspiration. 

NOTE: The theme you decide does not have to be on this list. Feel free to be creative.

  • Relationships/Love
  • Identity
  • Purpose in God
  • Loss/Grieve

  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Redemption
  • The authenticity of the Bible
  • What is Happiness?
  • Addiction
  • Endurance
  • Jesus/ Savior 


 If you have any questions please contact


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