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Scholarship Awarding, Amounts and Renewal

  • Quest Whole Leader Scholarship amounts are determined by ORU's Scholarship Review Committee.
  • Awards range in value with a potential increase up to full-tuition. Eligibility for an amount up to full-tuition depends on admission to the university (see additional guidelines below).
  • The Quest Whole Leader Scholarship is valid for up to four years of continuous, full-time enrollment in an undergraduate, residential program at Oral Roberts University. 
  • Quest Whole Leader Scholarships are not transferable and must be used the year it was awarded. 
  • Awards are reviewed annually. Students must maintain a satisfactory Whole Person Assessment score and Grade Point Average and remain in good standing with the University in order to continue receiving the award. See detailed renewal criteria below.
  • Awards may be suspended for a period of time or canceled if recipients do not remain in good standing with the University as determined by the University Discipline Committee.
  • Changes made to a student's residential status may result in adjustments to this award.
  • The University reserves the right to reduce or revoke a Quest Whole Leader Scholarship should a recipient violate the Honor Code or residential life policies as outlined in the ORU Student Handbook.


  • To be eligible, you must be a high school senior, recent high school graduate or transfer student considering ORU for the next Fall or Spring term. 
  • Eligibility is limited to those who have not yet received a Quest Whole Leader Scholarship and are not returning ORU students.
  • Students who receive athletic aid at ORU due to participation in NCAA Division 1 Athletics are not eligible for Quest Whole Leader Scholarships.
  • Eligible individuals who are admitted to ORU, complete a Quest Profile and submit their enrollment fee will receive a Quest Whole Leader Scholarship to ORU. 

Event Participation

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in Quest Events throughout the year. Click here to see all upcoming events.
  • Completion of a Quest Profile and participation in an event also makes students eligible to receive a potential increase to their scholarship offer for an amount ranging up to full-tuition.


  • Eligible students may be nominated for participation in a Quest Leadership Weekend by a non-family member who is a school official, church official, community leader or a member of the ORU alumni, faculty or staff.
  • If you have been nominated, you will receive a follow-up email invitation from ORU. Please register for the event using the link provided on your e-invitation. You will also be able to pay your $75 student registration fee ($25 for attending parents).
  • Being nominated does not guarantee someone a scholarship. Nominees still need to qualify and complete the process. However, nominations can inform the Scholarship Committee of exceptional students, enhancing a candidate's scholarship file for full-tuition consideration.

Renewal Criteria

Quest Whole Leader Scholarships are renewed based on your Whole Person Assessment (WPA) score following the completion of the spring semester. Students must maintain good standing with the University and meet the criteria established by the scholarship committee to retain the Quest Whole Leader awards. The criteria needed to maintain your Quest Whole Leader awards can be found here.

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