prayer movement 1Prayer Movement is a student-led collective that corporately seeks the heart of Jesus through 7 1/2 hours daily of prayer and worship. Prayer Movement meets in the Prayer Tower auditorium every day (save Sunday) from 4:30 in the afternoon to midnight, with teams signing up for 90-minute sets. Each set consists of a prayer team and worship team who, on a weekly basis, come together to engage the heart of the Lord. Prayer teams are assembled each semester. Worship teams are also assembled each semester and members are placed after an audition.

Once formed, these teams are given access to rehearsal spaces and gain experience in leading worship amongst the ORU community. Prayer and Worship teams come together to receive training at Team Nights all throughout each semester.

"Prayer Movement is a safe place for people to discover the heart of the Lord and to be active in that," says Kelly Silva (Christian Caregiving and Counseling, 2018), another movement coordinator. "I've gotten to enter into that set and ask the Lord, 'What's on Your heart for the nations, or even just the people in this room?' It's given me the opportunity to connect my own heart with the Lord's heartbeat to ask what He's wanting."

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