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Collegiate Athletics

ORU students are admitted without charge to all intercollegiate athletic events by presentation of a valid Eagle Card.

ORU Intramurals

ORU students are able to join in the many intramural sports around campus. Teams are submitted from wings and jointly between varieties of students as well.

ORU Swimming 

Training programs for swimmers who want to stay in shape, tutoring for beginner swimmers, and pool games for everyone.



AMF Club

Accepting Moving Forward (AMF) Club - ORU Students in AMF are the 33rd chapter of the National Students of AMF. The mission of National Students of AMF is to support college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one. A peer-led support group meets weekly, offering students the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences with others going through the same experience. We want to provide a place to hang out, have fun, share our hearts, and be accountable to each other as we navigate this process.

Psi Chi Rho

This club is a wonderful way to be involved with the psychology department, interact with professors and fellow students, and receive extra credit in all of your psychology courses. The vision of Psi Chi Rho is to provide psychology students with an expansive view of the field they are undertaking, as well as a practical understanding of how to effectively relate with fellow professionals, the larger community, and one another.

Social Work Club

The Oral Roberts University Social Work Club is organized for the purpose of equipping individuals to be actively aware and able to continually contribute to their community by way of education and experience.



American Chemical Society

ACS at Oral Roberts University is distinguished from similar clubs at other universities because we strive to serve the community around us through a love of chemistry and servanthood. Every officer is required to hold office hours where students can come in for tutoring.

The Minority Association of Pre-Medical Student

M.A.P.S. is one of the Student National Medical Association national protocols that is focused on increasing the percentage of minority students matriculating to upper division science courses.

Student Nurses Association

SNA is designed for the purpose of enriching the academic, social, and personal experience of nursing students at ORU through events, study help, and faculty support. SNA believes in partnering students across class delineations to assist each other in success through the nursing program.

Tri Beta

The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and promote investigation into the biological sciences and dissemination of information.



Accounting Honor Society

The Accounting Society at ORU is a student-led club focused on reaching students interested in the business industry. TAS was founded in 1977 by students interested in growing professionally, serving the ORU and surrounding community, and interacting socially.


A community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

Marketing Society

The Marketing Society is a student-led club that is geared towards students interested in marketing and business. MKT Society enables students to learn, grow, and interact with business owners and marketing experts to increase their business and marketing knowledge so they can be better prepared in the business arena through real-world application.

Student Finance Society

Connect finance professionals here in Tulsa to ORU students. Conduct professional lectures and allow for networking opportunities.



Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic society. The group at ORU is called the Phi Xi cast. We help people become aware of the theatre events on campus and give recognition to those who have dedicated their time and services to theatre and media.

Freestyle Friday

We're an ORU Club focusing on the expression of Art & Music. Open mics are hosted on Friday nights on campus.

Debate Club

Debate is a club that teaches public speaking, critical thinking, listening skills, and confidence in the form of debate. We practice our skills in class and put them to use in competitive form during debate tournaments.



ORU ACM Student Chapter

The ORU Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) encourages networking with professionals in the computer science field and greater awareness of technological advances.

KORU Internet Radio

KORU is two 24/7 internet radio stations sponsored by the Communication Arts - Media department. We have both an English and Spanish station.



C.S. Lewis and Inklings

The purpose of this club is to study, discuss, and promote the works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and authors associated with the Inklings.

English Club

Sponsors activities for English, Writing, and English Ed majors such as Weekend Writers' Retreat, game night, visiting authors, parties etc.

ORU Theological Society

The purpose of the ORU Theological Society is to create events that will foster greater community within the Theology department. We want these events to be enjoyable and casual, both in the planning and partaking. These events should be social, informational (Theology/Ministry-related events), and/or vocational (future purpose for students) in nature.



College Democrats

We are a Democratic Christian club. We share many similar beliefs as the traditional Democratic Party, but obviously as Christians, there are things that we don't support. In this club we encourage people to speak their mind, but we do remind people that we are all Christians here so try not to discourage one another. Everybody has different views on things, and in this club, we welcome all.

College Republicans

ORU College Republicans is a group of conservative-minded students that seek to foster involvement and participation through community political events. We endeavor to change our world through excellence, integrity, and servanthood.

Model United Nations (MUN)

A simulation of the United Nations representing various countries. Students learn diplomatic and research skills.

 Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL)

The Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (O.I.L.) is a student-run mock government that replicates all three branches of the state government of Oklahoma. Founded under the administration of former Governor George Nigh and now in its forty-sixth year, O.I.L. provides students from institutions of higher learning across the state an opportunity to write, debate, and pass legislation about the issues they believe are important. Besides the mock legislature, O.I.L. also contains a mock executive branch, moot court, and a competitive press corps. Any students interested in politics, law, or government process will find the networking opportunities, experiences, and friends they are looking for at O.I.L.

The Forum

The Forum is a student-led organization geared to inform and empower students on social, political, and pop culture topics and formulate strategies that will cause students to actively respond to the issues of today. The Forum focuses on giving a voice to all political and social viewpoints to create intellectually sound responses in the culture of today.

International Justice Mission Campus Chapter

The ORU IJM Campus Chapter works to fight against injustice and oppression in the world through the following organizational functions: praying for the IJM staff and the victims of injustice, fundraising to support IJM’s work, and organizing and participating in activities to spread awareness about human rights abuses.



Campus Israel Alliance

We work to engage the students to become active and educated supporters of the U.S. relationship with Israel. We seek to do this through providing opportunities to become involved in and be educated about what is going on. We believe it is necessary to support Israel based on Biblical and political principles.

International Student Organization

The ISO is an international student community builder, working to help strengthen the bond between international students on campus.

Club Kuwepo

Kuwepo is Swahili meaning to exist. This organization encompasses aspects of Black culture through dance, literature and art. We yearn to learn and to appreciate the rich heritage of Black culture by immersing any and every student and all who are willing, in the artistic and intellectual imagination of an aesthetic legacy of a deep and moving inheritance that exists.

ORU Korean Organization

This club encourages sharing of Korean culture to the ORU campus. Includes weekly prayer meeting on Thursdays. So spiritual, traditional and other cultural sharing and fellowship will be spread to the campus for awareness.



Hebrew Culture Club

We want students to be able to experience and understand the Hebrew Culture, both present and past, in order to learn more about Judaism and our Hebrew roots through monthly events.

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to enlighten and create fuller appreciation of the Hispanic and Latin worlds. We hope to encourage the student to study the language and to perhaps study in a Spanish-speaking country and/or work with Hispanics in Tulsa. We also present the need for Spanish-speaking missionaries and the need for financial support for ORU mission teams and the Guatemalan girls adopted by the Club through World Vision.



Honors Student Council

The Honors Program is an organization that focuses on challenging the students of ORU academically. It is designed to uniquely challenge its students to not only think, but to communicate and create as well.

Prayer Movement

The mission of ORU Prayer Movement is to steward a space that is actively engaged in corporate intercession and worship. We do this by overseeing and maintaining weekly student-led sessions between 5 pm to 12 am.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta is an honors society for students who achieve a 3.5 or better during their freshman year as a full-time student.

To see a complete list of current clubs and organizations, please visit the ORU App. 

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