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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

ORU Global Chinese Relations is serving the Chinese people worldwide who want to become a part of whole leader families at ORU. Our vision is to raise the Chinese next Generation to become the entire leaders who will listen to the voice of the Lord, willing to be equipped with Whole Person Education, and answer the calls to impact the world.

Each testimony will reflect how God's work on every Chinese Christian's world and the person who can hear his voice through the power of the holy spirit have been transformed and empowered for the glory of God!

Jenny Fang, Director of Global Chinese Relations


Dr. Fengmin Wang

This was my first time to lead online discussion groups for the healing course. I always like face-to-face human interaction, so I was worried about how online discussion would go before it. Since August, I have led three online discussion groups, one from Taiwan, another from Shanghai group, and the other from Singapore. Each group and I meet once a week online.

After we started, to my surprise, everyone was very open to share in spite of not knowing each other before. We were both comforted and encouraged when recalling and sharing how God healed our body and mind in the past. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yea and forever. Our faith was stirred up and our minds strengthened when we reread the Bible verses in the journals. Our understandings of the Bible verses and stories were deepened through learning from each other’s viewpoints and testimonies. All the members from these three groups told how they looked forward to having the meeting online every week. Then I realized what made these meetings so special was because of God’s presence with us online.

During these months, my eyes were very dry and had a tingling feeling. However, I was fearless and believed they would be healed by God. One day I was so focused on worshiping with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes at the end worship finding out that all the tingling was gone. The pain has never come back again. Before online discussion dismissed, we would pray for each other. Some participants also shared that their coughs were gone quickly. Our participants supported each other not only in prayers but also in actions. Owing to they were all professionals, some needed to travel to another city for business and did not want to miss even a discussion meeting. The others from the group showed great understanding and support by postponing the discussion meeting. They also expressed it would be a pity if this course came to an end. Now four more people enrolled in this healing course after they heard our participants’ sharing in their fellowships. So, we will start a new group even before we finish the first three discussing groups. I have more confidence to work with this type of online discussion groups now because I see the wonderful things He has done through this. He can do what He wants to do. He is merciful and worth being praise.

Pastor Anne Richard, Senior Pastor of Word of Faith Revival

FellowshipMy heart was overjoyed when I got divinely connected with ORU  Ms.Jenny .
She introduced us to the Marilyn Hickey's Divine Healing Course.
My son and I personally signed up for the course and found it to be precise , on point and excellent.
I started speaking to many others about the course and they were eager to know more about it. Hence we started our first batch of 8 students who signed up. They were leaders , intercessors , some have been Christians for more than 30 years . Week after week  throughout the 8 week duration of the course , they very excited about all that they were learning from Marilyn Hickey's teachings on healing.
Many came back with testimonies of their own personal healing and some even laid hands on their friends who are sick and saw instant healings take place .
I believe this healing course will benefit many Christians here in Malaysia and even Indonesia , becoming aware that they can be used of God to lay hands on the sick and see people healed . Many churches here only have a few people or a healing team praying for the sick . If this course can reach every Christian here that they may know their true identity in Christ and the power that is within them in Christ Jesus to do great exploits for the Lord through the finish work of the cross and healing is given to us.

Brother Cornelious 

In the healing class, people are come from different denominations, their views on healing have their characteristics. Some people believe that if you believe in Jesus for eternal life, you should seek a doctor if you are sick; some believe that healing is God's sovereignty and whether recovery is God's secret; Life is more important than seeking healing. Some people think that you must first confess your sins and repent and pray to escape the family's curse for generations. Some people believe that God's healing miracles can only happen in big anointing meetings... Wrong, but did not understand the essence of healing. Through the study and discussion of this course, we shared a lot of beautiful testimonies. We found that every denomination has witnesses of the disease being healed, many of which are personal experiences or witnesses. During the discussion, we re-studied the word of God and realized that "healing is the bread that Father and Father gave to the children of God through the Lord Jesus. It is unconditional." Jesus came as the Son of God to remove the devil's deeds and cut off our ancestors' curse for generations, and the Lord Jesus has completed, we can receive the work done by the Lord Jesus. Healing can be an instant miracle or a process. When we believe in God's grace and accept the prayer of recovery, you will either be healed immediately or in the process of being healed. It should be remembered that there are more cases of getting full healing gradually than chances of getting healed instantly. When we begin to believe and think in this way, healing occurs unconsciously. We ask God to help us not get sick, get sick less, and recover quickly when we get sick. Hallelujah!
The church is the body of Christ, filled with all things, and we are built into spiritual palaces because of the Lord Jesus becoming a living stone. For the church's sake, God raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead as the head of all things. Therefore, we believe that God will protect and revive his church. We are willing to pray earnestly. May God use this course to allow more brothers and sisters to experience the presence of the Triune God, inject vitality into the church, patch up the missing gospel, and promote the coming of revival. Although God blesses the world through doctors and modern medicine, God still personally performs healing in his name to show his love and glory. Oh, God! Pray for the Lord to give us the same faith as the early church, and on the one hand, let us boldly speak your word, while stretching out your hand to heal diseases (Acts 4:29-30), because Jesus Christ yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Amen!

Brother Jackie

Every time I read about ORU’s vision and mission, I am excited. This is a life-changing university. It is also a pasture for the Lord to complete the Great Commission through whole-person education.

Thank God! Through this healing course, we have strengthened our faith and empowered us to overcome the challenges we faced during this period. We also thank Teacher Feng Min for the counseling and intercession over the past two months. We all feel very much. Now, very blessed, we look forward to the opportunity to continue learning from Professor Feng Min.
I would also like to thank ORU and Jenny for recommending this course to us. I will continue to remember you in prayer. May God bless you and pray that God will protect and heal Jenny and recover as soon as possible. Emmanuel 🙏




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