Laughter decorates the fifth floor office like the vintage-inspired vases placed strategically about the room by the dean herself. Both cozy and homey, the lively and familial interaction that occurs around Boyd's desk parallels her character and passions in life. Growing up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, she came to ORU not anticipating the journey that would soon ensue. At ORU, she found her perfect match and best friend, got married, and has been in Tulsa ever since. Family has now become her biggest passion.

"When they are home, I love every minute of it," she says, glowing about their gathering close together, whilst enjoying adventurous Sunday afternoons of soul food and unprecedented bonding in the inviting kitchen and living room. "All the parents and kids will get together after church, and we just have a ball. It's wonderful. Gathering together in her home is a big element of her life, but even her home is a piece of the unique aspect of Boyd.

Boyd, at the end of the day, does not maneuver her way down the road or briskly move with traffic on 71st street. To the contrary, she simply takes her things and settles in her home that is on the ORU campus behind "towers," the home that was previously the residence of Chancellor Oral and Evelyn Roberts themselves when they built the university.

"I love that house," she exclaims. "It is awesome. All of my children have grown up there."  It is a curious thing that Dr. Boyd has been living on the university campus over 20 years, since she was in essence just a girl, but it is her love for ORU that keeps her captivated. However, one should not be fooled by Dr. Boyd's long enduring proximity to the school as she has traveled to several countries, including Sweden, France and Japan. She has also been to nearly every state in America. A true jet setter who mentioned she even enjoys getting stuck in the traveling process, Boyd is a woman full of adventure. "I just love meeting new people, seeing how they live and the different foods that they eat. I love to laugh and have a good time, and I always make every business trip a fun trip. It's important to combine both."

Her passions of family and travel are just small parts of this woman composed of many things. Of her education field she asserts, "This is a calling we are very serious about, and we don't take lightly. Our goal is to  create a transformed Christian educator whose every decision, as it relates to education, is tied to their relationship with the Lord. This is how competent, compassionate, caring educators develop. It is a calling that touches generations."

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