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Before you begin your project request, please be sure you have everything you need for the category of your project. Click the tan links below for the checklist information about each type of project.

Print Signage Web Photography

Needed for All Projects:
  • Project title – meaningful description; no acronyms.
  • Project requestor – please be sure your name appears on the project request form before submitting.
  • Project sponsor – person responsible for project approval if different than project requestor.
  • Purpose – why the project is needed.
  • Audience – who will be impacted by the project.
  • Project deliverable – i.e. postcard to be mailed to potential students; posters to be displayed on bulletin boards on campus.
  • Approved copy/text – copy that is as close to final form as possible and has project sponsor approval.

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 Print Project Checklist
  • What type of project? Brochure, postcard, poster, booklet, etc.
  • When is it due?
  • Dimensions/finished size of printed piece.
  • Will the final piece be printed in-house or out-of-house?
  • Are there any special elements to be incorporated on the final piece, such as gold foil, embossing, spot-gloss, etc.?
  • Will the piece be mailed? If yes, will it be mailed in an envelope or will it be a self-mailer?
  • All documents related to project, copy, photos, logos, etc., must be provided with request.
  • Brief creative direction, if applicable, i.e. design examples, campus shots vs. student shots, etc.
Submitting Change Requests:
  • A proof will be sent to the requestor for approval.
  • All changes to the proof need to be submitted using PDF comments.

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Signage Checklists

Marketing In-house Signage Printing Policy
ALL print signage, ORU Marketing only prints up to 5 signs in-house at the standard size of 20"wide by 28"high. If you are needing more printed signs than that or larger, we are happy to produce the artwork for you and refer you to our outside vendor we regularly work with and trust.

Printed Signage Checklist:
  • What size? (Horizontal or Vertical layout)
  • How will it be displayed? i.e. easel, wall, outdoor sign, self-standing, etc.
  • Where will it be displayed? i.e. in the department, by the elevators on GC 3, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Does it need to be mounted on foam board?
  • What information is needed? Please make sure to provide accurate and complete copy.
  • If there are any photos of people you are providing, please make sure they are highest quality.
  • Color preferences? Any other specific info is helpful.
  • What is the deadline?
  • Before printing, a copy will be sent for approval to the project sponsor.
Digital Signage Checklist:
  • What information is needed? Please make sure you provide accurate and complete copy.
  • If there are any photos of people you are providing, please make sure they are highest quality.
  • What is the deadline?
  • Before posting, a copy will be sent for approval.
  • If a slide it provided to post, it must be 1360 x 770 pixels (11x10) in jpeg format.

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Web Checklist:
Problem Report:
  • URL of Page with Issue.
  • Upload a Screenshot.
  • Text of Error Message (if applicable).
  • Browser Type.
  • Device Type.
  • Text Description of Issue.
Web Request:
  • URL of Page.
  • File Upload.
  • Text Description of Request.
New URL:
  • Vanity URL.
  • Page Content.
  • E-mail for Contact Forms.
  • File Upload.
  • Text Description of Request.
E-mail Template:
  • Title of Email.
  • Body Content.
  • Any creative direction needed.

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Photography Checklist
  • Where do you want your shoot to take place? You can choose anywhere on campus or have your photo taken in The ORU Marketing Photography Studio, located on the first floor of the LRC in room LRC144.
  • What should I wear/bring? Choose a solid-color top. The colors that photograph best are red, green and blue. If you have worn a color in the past that people have complimented you on, wear that color.

Please do not wear:

  • An all-white, all-black or all-gray top*.
  • Neon colors.
  • Bold patterns.
  • A shirt with a logo, unless it’s an ORU logo.

* If the background is white, grays and some blacks might be just fine. An all-white shirt is fine to wear under a sweater, or a suit jacket and tie.

  • Please bring any personal items, such as an iron, brush, handheld mirror, makeup or hairspray. 
  • How long will my photo shoot take? Environmental portraits (indoors/outdoors) take about 15-30 minutes per person. Studio portraits are taken only for special needs. Most ORU portraits will be on location.
  • ORU Marketing does not supply I.D., Visa or Passport photos.
Group Photos
  • Make sure your group doesn’t exceed 25 to 50 people per shot, so all faces are easily recognizable.
  • If possible, ask all members of your group to wear similar clothing styles.
  • If you’re being photographed outside, consider scheduling an early morning or late-afternoon shoot to avoid wind, or excessive heat or cold.
  • If you’d like to be photographed indoors, choose a room big enough to accommodate lighting equipment and your entire group.
  • Make sure everyone you want in the photo is present.
  • Are you using these photos for Web, Print, Tradeshow, Social Media, or other?
  • Provide the photographer with prop requests, pose requests, background requests, and others.
Event Coverage
  • Time and place.
  • If serving food please let the photographer know if food is being provided for him/her.
  • Please provide as much detailed information as possible: describe image, name of person featured, subject of image, etc.
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule, and how long will it take to get the final photos?

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