What is SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)?

Federal regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to receive financial aid. Students who do not meet minimum GPA and hour requirements after each academic year will not be eligible to receive further assistance until they have met the requirements. 

How does SAP work? 

Students who are not making Satisfactory Academic Progress may be placed into one of the following three categories, or a combination of any two or three categories:

  • SAP A - Failure to meet GPA requirements
  • SAP B - Failure to meet annual class/hour requirements
  • SAP C - Failure to meet cumulative class/hour requirements
SAP A - Minimum GPA Requirements
  • Students with less than 27 attempted hours (Freshman): 1.50
  • Students with 27 to 59.5 attempted hours (Sophomore): 1.75
  • Students with 60 attempted hours and above (Junior/Senior): 2.00
SAP B - Annual Completion Requirement
  • Annual pass rate is less than 75%
  • Non-credit courses, incomplete grades (I), failing grades (F), course withdrawals (W), and audited courses (AU) are not considered as credits successfully completed
  • Drop/withdraw over 75% of their courses
SAP C - Cumulative Completion Requirement
  • The cumulative pass rate is less than 75% (including all coursework taken at other universities)
  • No financial aid will be awarded to an undergraduate student who has attempted beyond 192 hours, approximately 1.5 times the number of hours required to graduate
  • These students are on course as being mathematically impossible to graduate

How DOES Student Success Help?

Students who are placed on SAP receive help from their Success Coach and work with their Coach to develop a SAP Plan to help them get back on track to graduate. 

SAP Potential Plan Components
  • Attending monthly meeting with Student Success Coach for assessment/monitoring process on plan and adjustment as needed
  • Class attendance requirement
  • Timely submission of coursework
  • Regular communication with professors
  • Minimum grade/hour requirement per semester to achieve good standing with SAP policies as well as scholarship renewal criteria
  • Repeating required classes that were not passed at the appropriate level
  • Reviewing suitability of major to determine if the student is in the right field of study
  • Connecting with academic support services
  • Time management strategies
  • Advisor meetings 
  • Test-taking strategy development
  • Assessment of learning styles

SAP Appeals

Students with extenuating circumstances that may have caused unsatisfactory progress are allowed to submit an Appeal for Reinstatement of Aid to the University SAP Appeals Committee. Appeals are made on your Vision account. Please follow these steps to request an appeal:

  • Log into Vision.
  • Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  • Select “Financial Aid”
  • Select “My Eligibility”
  • Select the “2022-2023 Aid Year”
  • The first tab will list the student requirements: The “Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal” will automatically display for you to complete.

Students who complete their SAP appeal by June 13 will recieve a decision by June 22.

Log Into Vision

Typical Reasons Students Include in Appeals
  • Personal or family circumstances (such as illness, death, divorce, or unemployment)
  • Poor class attendance
  • Depression, lack of motivation, or feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or stressed
  • Finances
  • Change of major
  • Lack of knowledge about academic actions (such as withdrawals, incompletes, and not repeating failed courses)
  • Not seeking advisement
  • Not communicating with faculty when challenges arise

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