Chapel Attendance Policy

During fall and spring semesters, chapel services are held every Wednesday and Friday at 10:55 a.m. All resident and full-time commuter students are required to attend both weekly chapel services. Part-time commuter students taking seven or more hours are required to attend chapel services once a week. Part-time students required to attend chapel have the option of attending Wednesday or Friday.

Students are expected to be in their seats by 10:50 a.m. Students leaving early must present their Student ID card to the appropriate staff person. Commuters and part-time students required to attend chapel must have their student ID and swipe in the appropriate card reader to be counted present. Students must swipe in between 10:45 a.m. and no later than 11:05 a.m. to be counted present. Students swiping in before or after these designated times will be counted absent. Seating assignments are made for all students required to attend chapel by block assignments at the beginning of each semester.

Chapel absences resulting from an emergency or illness must have a Chapel Excuse submitted within 48 hours and have corresponding documentation attached.  Residence hall residents will have their excuse reviewed by their respective Residence Hall Director; commuters and part-time students required to attend chapel will have their excuses reviewed by Student Development. Graduate students please refer to the Dean of your graduate school.  You will also submit a chapel excuse if you need to be excused from chapel on a consistent basis for work or other obligation (documentation must be provided). 

Three unexcused absences result in automatic cancellation of a student’s enrollment at the University. Graduate students who are allowed to re-enroll must obtain an approved petition to do so from the Dean of their school; undergraduate residential students, commuter students, and part-time students (required to attend chapel) must obtain the approved petition from the Student Development Office. These students present the approval to re-enroll to the Student Accounts Office and pay a $50 reinstatement fee. No appeal will be accepted if it is submitted after the next semester of enrollment (e.g., an appeal for the fall semester will not be accepted after the spring semester ends).




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