Take all types of batteries to Electronic Maintenance (LRC 137B) or to any battery container (pictured right) situated throughout the campus. Specific additional containers will soon be available. (Batteries can also be recycled at the center behind Wal-Mart.)


Cardboard intended for recycling can be left (flattened) beside any trash barrel in the LRC / GC for disposal. Large numbers (more than 4) should be removed to the GC tunnel in the appropriate canvas cart.

Cans and Plastic Bottles

ORU has joined with Greenopolis to collect PET plastic containers and aluminum cans. You may obtain an ID card from the  Kiosk locations (pictured right) at the west side of 3 GC, AC, Fishbowl or CRH east porch.  Start collecting recycling points for rewards as a fundraiser individually or for your organization!

There are additional containers (pictured left) available on campus to leave your plastic bottles in, situated near vending machines throughout campus.

Paper (non-confidential)

GC/LRC: Housekeeping collects and removes all office paper from central hall containers to the GC tunnel. Paper from high use departments such as CPO or Copy Services has theirs collected as well. Call x6986 if you have a large volume and need containers brought to you.

Dorms: Abitibi has a large green bin located outside by Lake Evelyn for non-confidential and newspapers. Visit http://www.paperretriever.com/ to see contest competition information.

Paper (confidential)

For records or other forms of a confidential nature where any personal information has been disclosed, please refer disposal to the secured bins on GC 1st floor near the East stairwell outside classroom 1-07 Ecology lab.

If these bins are full, do not overstuff them as the information will not be secure. Instead call Jeanine in Purchasing (x7577) to arrange for Shipping & Receiving to remove. Visit http://www.shredit.com/Home.aspx for preparation clarification. 

Toner cartridges

Most printer ink cartridges can be recycled and brought to CPO or Electronic Maintenance (LRC 137B). Copier toner cartridges can be sent to Shipping and Receiving to picked up by a participating vendor. (Cartridges can also be recycled at Office Depot.)

The MET (Metropolitan Environmental Trust)

All MET recycling centers accept various types of glass, batteries, used motor oil, and antifreeze. The closest one to the Campus is across from Mabee Center in the Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot near the automotive entrance. The MET expects items to be separated into categories.

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