Plagiarism violates the University Honor Code:

  • The first pledge of the honor code states, "I Pledge to apply myself wholeheartedly to my intellectual pursuits and to use the full powers of my mind for the glory of God." When you plagiarize, you are failing to apply yourself wholeheartedly to intellectual cultivation and you are not bringing glory to God. In fact, you are actually abusing the abilities he has given you.
  • The fourth pledge says, "I will not cheat or plagiarize; I will do my own academic work and will not inappropriately collaborate with other students on assignments." Clearly, plagiarism is a blatant disregard and infraction of this rule.

Plagiarism has consequences:

  • "Penalties for [plagiarism]… may result in disciplinary action including failing the assignment or failing the course or expulsion from the University, as determined by department and University guidelines" (2011-2012 Course Syllabus)
  • Plagiarizing taints your current reputation, your future reputation, and ORU's reputation.
  • In the end, it affects your relationships as well. Not only could you lose the trust of current teachers, but you could lose the preliminary trust of future teachers.

In addition to breaking the honor code, you hurt yourself when you plagiarize. By suppressing independent thinking, creativity, and individualism, plagiarism limits your growth. Ultimately, you rob yourself of an opportunity to mature and become a knowledgeable, unique, and enlightened individual.

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