Just as the honors program exists to provide enhanced educations to students with exceptional abilities and needs, the ORU Honors Program maintains a distinction among its members to provide special opportunities to its strongest applicants. Fellows and Scholars are titles given to members of the Honors Program to reflect their level of either full or extra participation in program opportunities.


Fellows engage in a more academically rigorous route through the seminar courses they are required to complete. Though all honors courses are built for more dynamic, interactive work rather than simply more work over regular courses, Fellows seminar courses are more challenging, interdisciplinary courses than the general education counterparts they replace. The Fellows selected each year form a tighter community for a moment as they complete seminar courses together during their first semesters before fully specializing in their own professions.

In the first semester, Fellows enroll in Artistic Expression as well as Honors Seminar.  

Students chosen as Fellows are asked to complete the following resume' information:


Scholars participate in the Honors Program as a means of accessing special courses, service and learning opportunities. In the first semester, Scholars enroll in the course Honors Seminar.

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