Fall and spring Events

  • Orientation Activities
  • Masquerade
  • Fellows Dinner
  • HP Chapel
  • Freshman Orientation Breakfast
  • Research Extravaganzas
  • Retreat
  • Banquet
  • Honors Chapel
  • Medallion Ceremony
  • Christmas Party


Orientation Activities
Honors orientation activities occur during the first week of school and include a program-wide game night and special wing activities on the honors dorms.

Fellows Dinner
Every August the Honors Student Council holds a dinner at Zio’s Italian Eatery for new and veteran Fellows as well as the professors of the Fellows seminar courses.

Freshman Orientation Breakfast
Held in the Trustees’ Dining Room, this breakfast allows new students to meet the HP directors, HP faculty, the Honors Student Council and each other.

The Honors Program retreat is an opportunity to leave campus for the weekend, have fun in the great outdoors and stay up late talking and worshipping with other Honors students.

HP Chapel
This student-led chapel is held on a Monday once a semester, proving Honors students with a time of intimate corporate worship.

Research Extravaganzas
Held twice each semester, Research Extravaganzas provide a professional setting in which students of all disciplines can present their research to their peers and professors.

Christmas Party
The Honors Program Christmas Party offers students a break from studying for finals and a chance to spend a few hours playing games, partaking in holiday fare, and singing carols.

At Masquerade, Honors Program students dress to the nines and enjoy fine food and dancing at the house of a local alum.

Open Forum
Open Forum exists so that members can raise questions and concerns about the program and make suggestions regarding its improvement. Important information about graduation and program requirements is also provided.

Banquet offers students another opportunity to dress up and enjoy dinner and fellowship—and even sometimes dancing!

Medallion Ceremony
The only non-departmental hooding in the university, Medallion Ceremony is the program’s way of honoring its graduating seniors, celebrating their achievements, and bonding with their families

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