What To Do If You Experience Sexual Violence

  • Get to a safe place.
  • Call 911 or ORU Department of Public Safety and Security (DPS&S) at 918-495-7750 if in immediate danger, if you are injured, or the community is in possible danger.
  • Consider securing immediate professional support on or off campus to assist you in the crisis.
  • Seek a medical evaluation for personal wellness/testing and possible evidence collection, even if you are uncertain you want to press charges or pursue legal action. For your safety and well-being, immediate medical attention is encouraged. Further, being examined as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours, is important in the case of sexual assault. The hospital will arrange for a specific medical examination at no charge.
  • Take steps to preserve evidence, which may be necessary to the proof of criminal sexual violence or in obtaining a protection order. It is very important to preserve evidence. You may not know right now whether you will contact the police. But in case you later decide to, the evidence available immediately after the assault is crucial. To preserve evidence, follow these recommendations: 
    • Prior to seeking medical attention, do not shower, bathe, wash your hands, brush your teeth, use the toilet or clean up in any way.
    • Bring another set of clothes to the hospital since clothes will be collected as part of the evidence. If you have changed clothes, bring your soiled clothing with you for evidence collection. Additionally, you are encouraged to gather bedding, linens or any other pertinent articles that may be used for evidence. Secure them in a clean paper bag or clean sheet.
  • Even after the immediate crisis has passed, contact confidential on-campus and/or off-campus resources—for emotional support, information, and/or advocacy. Consider seeking support from the ORU Counseling Center or the Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS)/Call Rape at 918-743-5763. DVIS/Call Rape offers sexual assault survivors counseling.
  • Report the conduct to the Title IX Coordinator at www.oru.edu/file-a-complaint or 918-495-7709.  The Title IX Coordinator can arrange for interim measures and accommodations, including no-contact directives. ORU will also assist in any needed advocacy for community members who wish to obtain protective or restraining orders with local authorities. Alternatively, you can contact the Tulsa Police Department or Tulsa County District Court to obtain protective or restraining orders.
  • Victims are not required to report an incident to law enforcement authorities, but campus authorities will assist victims who wish to do so. 
  • Emergency Contacts
    • 24-Hour Emergency – Local law enforcement: 911
    • 24-Hour Emergency – ORU Department of Public Safety and Security: 918-495-7750
On-Campus Places to Report Sexual Misconduct
  • Title IX Coordinator & Risk Management Advisor, Danny Sexton: 918-495-7874
  • Campus Safety and Security: 918-495-7750.
  • Dean of Student Development: Lori Cook, lcook@oru.edu, 918-495-7708, LRC 2W1
  • Associate Dean of Student Development: Jonathan Baker, jobaker@oru.edu, 918-495-7708, LRC 2W3
  • Online Complaint Form - www.oru.edu/file-a-complaint 
On-Campus Confidential Resources and Support
  • Augustine Mendoza, Director of Spiritual Formation, 918-495-7727, augiemendoza@oru.edu
  • Allie Mendoza, Associate Director of Spiritual Formation, 918-495-6127, amendoza@oru.edu
  • Michelle Taylor, Student Counseling Services Director, 918-495-6581, mtaylor@oru.edu
  • Rachel Sligar, Student Counseling Services Counselor, 918-495-6581, rsligar@oru.edu 
Off-Campus Places to Report Sexual Misconduct
  • Police: 911
  • Non-emergency reporting:
    • Tulsa Police: 918-596-9222, Family & Sexual Violence Unit: 918-596-7542 or 918-596-9160
    • Tulsa County Sheriff Sexual Assault/Rape Line (24 hours): (918) 744-7273.
    • Oklahoma Safe Line (Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Hotline): (800) 522-7233. 
Off-Campus Confidential Resources and Support
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS), Call Rape: 918-743-5763
  • RAINN (Rape, Assault, and Incest National Network) 1(800)-656-HOPE, 24-hour hotline; free and confidential
Health Care Options
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) available at area hospitals:
  • Hillcrest Medical Center, 1120 South Utica Ave, Tulsa, (918) 579-1000
  • Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa provides sexual assault care services and assistance to victims of rape and sexual assault 24 hours per day. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) perform a special exam and collect evidence in a “rape kit.” There is no charge for the SANE exam.
  • You can have a SANE exam within 120 hours after the rape or sexual assault. The purpose of the SANE exam is to collect forensic evidence, receive preventative health care, and see if you have any physical injuries that need tending. The exam will take place at the sexual assault exam site, in a confidential room with trained staff and volunteers. During the exam, the SANE will collect evidence such as your clothing, DNA swabs, etc. Prior to the exam, preserve all evidence and do not shower, bathe, change clothes, douche, brush teeth, drink or eat, or throw away any clothing until police or medical personnel say it is okay. If you have done any of the above, it is still possible to do an exam, but it is not as effective. So if possible, please try to avoid any of these actions.
Victim Services and Legal Information and Assistance
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS), Call Rape: 918-743-5763
  • RAINN (Rape, Assault, and Incest National Network): 1(800)-656-HOPE, 24-hour hotline; free and confidential
  • U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR): 400 Maryland Ave. SW,
 Washington, DC, 20202-1100
  • Customer Service Hotline: (800) 421-3481, TDD#: (877) 521-2172, OCR@ed.gov
Visa and Immigration Assistance
  • International Student Programs Office: (918) 495-6813
  • Catholic Charities of Tulsa: (918) 508-7180
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma/Tulsa: (918) 584-3338
    YWCA of Tulsa: (918) 663-0377
  • Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network: (918) 631-5799
Student Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Office: (918) 495-6510, studentservicegroup@oru.edu.

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