The ORU Title IX Coordinator is the designated representative of ORU with primary responsibility for coordinating ORU’s Title IX compliance efforts, including efforts to end any sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects. The Title IX Coordinator oversees and monitors ORU’s overall compliance with Title IX-related policies and developments; the implementation and oversight of grievance processes and procedures, including notification, investigation and adjudication of complaints; provision of educational materials and training for the campus community; and monitoring all other aspects of ORU’s Title IX compliance.  These responsibilities (which may be carried about by the Title IX Coordinator or the Title IX Coordinator’s designee) include, but are not limited to:

Ensuring ORU policies and procedures and relevant state and federal laws are followed;

  • Advising any individual, including a complainant, a respondent or a third party, about the procedural options and processes used by ORU, and about resources available at ORU and in the community;
  • Training and assisting any ORU employees regarding how to respond appropriately to a report of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking;
  • Monitoring full compliance with all procedural requirements and time frames outlined in this policy;
  • Evaluating allegations of bias or conflict of interest relating to these procedures;
  • Determining whether grounds for appeal under this policy have been properly stated;
  • Ensuring that appropriate training, prevention and education efforts, and periodic reviews of ORU’s climate and culture take place;
  • Coordinating ORU’s efforts to identify and address any patterns or systemic problems revealed by reports and complaints; and
    Assisting in answering questions related to this policy.

ORU’s Title IX Team may includes appointed staff and faculty designees.  These team members have a shared responsibility for consulting with, and supporting, the Title IX Coordinator and may serve as the Title IX Coordinator’s designee.  Members of the team may also be called upon to investigate complaints of sexual misconduct, resolve complaints, review appeals, and/or facilitate informal resolutions to conflicts or complaints.  

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