PAVE Scholars Success Stories

Alexandria J. Leggette

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English Language Teaching In The Global Classroom | Class of 2024

I've always dreamt of attending a 4-year university. As a first generation college student, I was not familiar with the necessary steps I would need to take to make my academic journey victorious. PAVE was an answer to my prayers as I decided to trust God with this dream. PAVE provided me with academic support and guidance through one-on-one tutoring and advisement sessions. It helped me build my confidence in my ability to succeed in college-level courses by creating a welcoming and safe community to ask questions and become equipped with tools to help me maximize my full potential. With the help of the PAVE staff and tutors, I have been able to develop organizational skills, time management, and effective study techniques uniquely tailored to my learning style.

As an English Language Teaching in the Global Classroom major, PAVE has helped me become a successful student as I learn how to become a successful educator. Throughout my academic journey at Oral Roberts University, the support, prayers, and encouragement of the staff and tutors of PAVE have helped me continue to strive for academic excellence and resilience by helping me maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Being a PAVE scholar has transformed my God-dream into reality and has inspired me to be a PAVE tutor who helps other students realize their God-dreams.

Cyrus Johnson

pave story

Entrepreneurship | Class of 2022

PAVE was a huge helping hand in my success at college. I'm excited to say I'm graduating with over a 3.0 GPA, and because I stuck with college, it has given me so many opportunities! I've made amazing friends, memories, and connections. I'll be one of the first entrepreneurship majors to graduate from ORU, and I've started a few of my own businesses. I have to thank PAVE study hall for helping me prepare for success in college and giving me all the resources I needed!

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