Honors courses at ORU come in three forms: honors sections of regular courses, honors independent study, and seminar courses.

Most of the honors courses are general education courses with honors sections, incorporating the values and environment of the Honors Program. Many departmental introductory courses have honors sections as well. These courses are open to all honors students as well as other students with a desire to receive a richer experience from the class.

If a student wishes to receive honors credit for a course that does not have an honors section, that student and the professor can agree to specific measures to convert the course into honors credit once certain expectations are met. These honors contracts allow students to pursue independent study, allow faculty to invite students into unique research opportunities, and provide additional flexibility for students whose schedules hinder the attainment of the required 24 honors credits needed to graduate with honors.

Seminars are intensive interdisciplinary courses intended to bring together two subjects taught by professors from different departments. These six courses replace up to 18 credits of general education requirements and are limited to Fellows (and Scholars on a limited, by-permission-only basis).

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