Welcome to ORU! Use this tool to help you find your way around campus.

Your classes will be listed with a classroom code in the following format: GC 5116. This means that your class is in the Graduate Center, room 5116 (the 5 means it is on the fifth floor). To view a map of exactly where the room is, select "Graduate Center (GC)" in the "SELECT A BUILDING" drop-down, and then in the next drop-down you can select "GC 5116".

If you know what your course name is, you can type any part of that in the "Course Name" box - for example, "Accounting" would find all classes with "Accounting" in the course name, or "Humanities" would find all of the Humanities classes.

If you know the course code (as opposed to the classroom code), you can type that in the bottom box. Examples would be "HPE 1" or "COM 101".

All fields are optional, so you only have to put in enough information to narrow the list down to the class you need. To search for a new class, click the "CLEAR" button.

If you need help finding a specific building on campus, please visit our campus map.

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