Helping High School Students Through Stress: Why ORU Senior Kyla Mack Started Journey for Growth LLC

Kyla Mack
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Kyla Mack Headshot

The passage from high school to college is a challenge. Evaluating universities, completing applications, and calculating tuition can be overwhelming. Kyla Mack, a senior at Oral Roberts University (ORU) used her experience as an inspiration to launch Journey for Growth LLC, a start-up that helps students who are preparing for college.

“When I was in high school, most of my classmates did not know what was needed for college applications, such as scholarships,” Kyla said," Kyla said, "So there was a real need for some guidance. When I started my company, I wanted to help clients with those needs.” 

Kyla is currently studying psychology and entrepreneurship at ORU. At the same time, she’s working as a mindset coach, business mentor, and personal college planner. Through her company, Kyla helps high school students find scholarships, sharpen their writing skills, and organize their college applications. As part of the college process, she also encourages students to stay on top of their mental health.

“Students are at school all day and they’re struggling with so many things," Kyla said. “God showed me that our younger generation is truly suffering mentally, financially, and spiritually. If I can help take the load off of a high school student, that’s really important to me."

With a focus on helping young adults through their daily struggles, Kyla recently published her first book, “Blooming Onion: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery.” In the book, Kyla shares insights on building a positive mindset and using affirmations to ensure self-improvement. As an entrepreneur and published author, Kyla points to the Holy Spirit as playing a vital role in her success.

“My guide is the Holy Spirit and He shows me exactly what steps to take,” Kyla said. “There is a strong need to help teens & young adults through the various struggles of life. The Holy Spirit continuously reveals to me the importance of providing this guidance through my business.”

At ORU, student entrepreneurs like Kyla have the opportunity to learn within the Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship. This Center is an innovative hub for training business students through academic and professional programs, industry collaboration, mentoring, and global initiatives. With a vision to equip entrepreneurial leaders using theory and active engagement, ORU is empowering change agents to transform our cities worldwide. By applying what she’s learning in this program, Kyla plans to grow her business and develop solutions for the problems facing Generation Z. 

“I have learned the importance of building a faith-based business through my entrepreneurship classes,” Kyla said. “I have been able to thrive at ORU academically, spiritually, and as a business owner by following the foundation of putting God first in my life.”

Learn more about America’s Spirit-empowered University ... ORU, ranked Top 5 in America for Student Engagement by Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Ed. 

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