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The Magnetic Action of Spirit-Empowered Leadership

ORU Graduation

Spirit-empowered leaders draw upon a force that helps them lead, not only with conviction, but also with love. This force, which rests in the Holy Spirit, creates a closeness to God, a closeness that guides and strengthens the Spirit-empowered leader. For those who practice Spirit-empowered leadership—the student, the graduate, the entrepreneur—this guidance and strength can be magnetic, attracting people, attracting fulfillment, and most of all, attracting a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

From “The Cross Unfiltered” by ORU President William M. Wilson | ORU Chapel: 

Jesus says, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself. He said this to show the kind of death He was going to die.” (John 12:32-33 (NIV)). Jesus says before the cross, “When I am lifted up on the cross between Heaven and Earth, something about that will draw all people toward me.” Now, this sounds unfathomable … that this horrible, miserable, excruciating death on the cross could have somewhat of a magnetic power that draws men and women all over the world to look at the cross, to reflect on the cross, and to find the Jesus of the cross. Magnets are made out of a north and a south pole, out of a positive and a negative force coming together to create a magnetic action. I believe when the devil did his worst, God was doing his best, and the cross, where the worst happened and the best happened, comes together to draw the human heart toward the Living God like nothing else could have ever done on planet Earth. Jesus said, “When I get lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people unto myself.” The cross is the greatest expression of love in the history of the world. When God says “I love you,” he wants to say “I love you this much!” He spread his arms so you and I would know that is love His limitless. He was willing to suffer excruciation. He was willing to suffer the worst death known to mankind. He was willing to suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer until every drop of blood flowed out of His body because He loved us.—ORU President William M. Wilson

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