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The following awards are listed for the 2019-2020 academic year and are subject to change.

Premier Scholarships
Award Name Amount Additional Benefits
Graduate Business Fellow* 100% tuition coverage (year-round when enrolled full-time) Includes a $15,000 annual stipend
Graduate Business Champion Scholarship* 100% tuition coverage (fall and spring semesters) Includes assistantship as a Graduate Business Representative
Dean's Scholarship $10,000 tuition scholarship ($5,000 for the fall semester and $5,000 for the spring semester) Includes assistantship for office duties

*These awards are offered as a part of the Graduate Quest Fellows and Scholarship Program and cannot be stacked with other Graduate Business Scholarships. Please see below for more information on this opportunity.

Graduate Quest Whole Person Fellow and Scholarship Program

This unique program awards one President's Fellow, three Dean’s Fellows and additional scholarships to qualified students. A Fellow is a one-year, renewable award that includes full-tuition and a $15,000 assistantship stipend. Also, the President's Fellow receives on-campus room and board. Opportunities for Fellow awards are offered as vacancies occur. 

Academic Scholarships

The following academic scholarships are annual awards ranging from $1,000 - $2,200. These may be pro-rated for part-time enrollment. Students not awarded an academic scholarship upon admission to the graduate program will be eligible for a $1,000 annual scholarship awarded after the successful completion of 12 graduate (master's not leveling) hours with a 3.2 GPA.

College GPA Annual Scholarship Amount Renewal GPA
3.2 - 3.49 $1,000 3.2
3.5 - 3.59 $1,000 + ($200 if Index Score of 125)* 3.2
3.6 - 3.64 $1,000 + ($500 if Index Score of 130)* 3.2
3.65 - 3.69 $1,000 + ($650 if Index Score of 135)* 3.5
3.7 - 3.79 $1,000 + ($800 if Index Score of 140)* 3.5
3.8 - 3.89 $1,000 + ($1,000 if Index Score of 145)* 3.5
3.9 - 4.0 $1,000 + ($1,200 if Index Score of 150)* 3.5


*The Index Score Calculation = 100 (GPA - 3.00) + Percentile score on ETS MFT (or GMAT/GRE Convert Equivalent). For example, a 3.75 GPA and a percentile score of 50 = an index score of 125.

Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to graduates of Oral Roberts University and will not be pro-rated for part-time enrollment.

Eligibility  Scholarship Award Amount Renewal GPA
ORU Graduate $500 per full-time semester 3.0
Military Discount

The Military Discount Scholarship may be pro-rated for part-time enrollment.

Eligibility Scholarship Award Amount Renewal GPA
Active Duty Military  $1,000 3.0
Additional Scholarships
Gives information to those wanting to study at the graduate level in the US.

The Council of Graduate Schools
This includes a section on graduate schools with information on choosing a graduate school, financing graduate education, receiving financial aid through fellowships, and gives other sources of information on graduate programs and applying to graduate school.

Scholarship search engine with information on universities links to university web pages and additional information on financial aid and college admissions.

Includes information on scholarships and grants for graduate school and works in conjunction with FastWeb.

The Scholarship Page
Provides free searches for scholarships by field of study and keywords.

Access Group
Provides educational financing to a broad range of eligible students, influences positive educational financing practices, and provides services valued by students and schools.
Free college scholarship search and financial aid information.

Additional Scholarships - Hispanic Scholarships  

Hispanic College Fund
This scholarship is awarded to students with a Hispanic heritage who have demonstrated financial need and who are seeking an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or college. The scholarship amount ranges from $500 to $10,000 annually.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Provides the Latino community more college scholarships and educational outreach support than any other organization in the country. This fund offers many different types of scholarships to Hispanic students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

National Society of Hispanics MBAs 
Provides an established scholarship program to assist qualified Hispanics to pursue their MBAs. Scholarship amounts range from $2,500-$10,000 per year and are offered each year for full- and part-time study at an accredited institution of the student's choice.

Additional Scholarships - African American Scholarships

National Black MBA Association
Provides more than $500,000 annually in scholarships to undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students pursuing careers in business.

Additional Scholarships - Women's Scholarships

American Association of University Women
Graduate fellowship with information on advancing the education and rights of girls and women.

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