“Go on a GRAND adventure!”  If you spend any time at all with Professor Kerry Loescher you will likely hear her encourage you to do this.  This encouragement comes with the challenge of putting your “yes” on the table before Jesus ever asks anything of you.  Prof. Loescher knows that it is in following Jesus that the best adventures become reality in our lives.

Prof. Kerry Loescher is a graduate of Oral Roberts University.  It was here during both her undergraduate and masters degrees that God confirmed her call to ministry and helped her to discover her gifts in training leaders.  Her calling, gifts, and training opened up a world of adventure to her as she worked in local churches serving in their youth ministry, outreach, and mission efforts.  For more than 15 years she had the joy of serving on the pastoral staff in the local church helping young people and their families connect the dots between Jesus and their everyday lives.  

In 2007 adventure came to her life in a BIG way.  She and her husband Randy completed the adoption of a sibling group from Guatemala.  They became the parents of 5 adolescents and a toddler (from a surprise pregnancy during the adoption process) within a very short period of time.  The gospel came to life in their family is ways beyond their imagination.

Prof. Loescher has written numerous curriculums for regional youth camps and retreats.  She is a sought after national speaker who specializes in training leaders to engage next generations and their families with the gospel.  She is a published author of numerous journal articles and other resources.  She is currently working on a Ph.D in Educational Studies.  Prof. Loescher will tell you though that her best job and biggest adventure is following hard after Jesus.

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