Oral Roberts University is not unfamiliar territory to Dr. Angela Watson as she once walked the halls as a student in the Graduate Education program. During her studies at ORU, she developed a strong identity with the people and vision of the University. Completing a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at ORU, she continued on to receive a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University. Now, Dr. Angela Watson returns to ORU as an Assistant Professor in Behavioral Sciences, and she states she is happy to be back.

As with most professors, her days are filled with prep work, classes, meetings and office hours, but even in the busyness of each day, she enjoys the people who comprise the ORU community. Describing ORU students as passionate, sincere and honorable, she desires to impart to her students an understanding of what is unique about their own purpose. She also wants to encourage them to develop their potentialities in a way that will be a blessing to themselves, others and the Lord. 

Along a similar school of thought, Dr. Watson is revisiting the seminal book, “Learned Optimism,” by Martin Seligman, who is considered to be the father of positive psychology. Dr. Seligman extensively studied cognitive behavior and the role thoughts play in informing our quality of life. Perhaps the most relevant interpretation of this material for her is how the findings further validate the importance of renewing one’s mind in order to be transformed. She states, “I think it’s lovely when secular research is able to confirm biblical truths that we’ve learned from the Holy Spirit.”

Dr. Watson is also involved as a consultant for Summit Christian Academy elementary school in Broken Arrow, which is a marvelous learning community of intelligent, creative, and godly teachers, learners, families, and administrators.  When not teaching, consulting or reading, Dr. Watson enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Edward Watson, who is also a professor at ORU in the Graduate Theology department, and her fabulous children.

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