Longtime Special Olympics volunteer, co-teacher (with wife Darla) of a Sunday school class of 60-65 adults, leader of two Bible studies and the father of two children, Patrick Otto is a busy man. He is also the Chair of the ORU Graduate School of Education.

Dr. Otto grew up in Creston, Iowa. He and his high school sweetheart went to college together, married, and then he taught high school history in Phoenix, Arizona for 15 years. After moving into Christian school administration, he realized he needed a masters degree, so he earned his M.Ed. over summers at ORU.

When he also added his Ed.D., ORU invited him to become an adjunct professor in ORU's summer program. He was invited to become a full-time professor in 2001. That summer, he became the chair of the department.

Dr. Otto commented, "I really believe in what we are doing at ORU. It is not by chance that I am here. We believe that God has a call on the life of each of our students. It is part of my mission to help students fully realize their mission in life. That never gets old to me."

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