Sharon, who grew up in a Chicago suburb, got her introduction to ORU as a young girl on family road trips to Tulsa to drop off her two older brothers on campus. "I fell in love with the school," says Sharon. "When it was my turn, I knew I was coming to ORU too." While at ORU, Sharon met David who was earning his masters degree in divinity. They married two weeks after graduation and headed to Virginia where David pastored for three years.

"One night while in Virginia, I was listening to Oral Roberts share his vision for the City of Faith hospital combining prayer with ministry and I bawled my eyes out. Right then, I knew we would somehow, some way, get back to Tulsa to work at the City of Faith," said Sharon. David and Sharon did come back to Tulsa and for five years Sharon worked in the emergency room at City of Faith hospital, doing some of the education coordination along with nursing.

Next, David and Sharon moved to Indiana to be near their parents and stayed for 18 years. During that time, their four sons were born who today range from ages 12 to 23.

Before they knew it, their eldest son was applying to ORU and the family brought him to Tulsa for College Weekend. Both Sharon and David again were drawn to return. While in town, Sharon stopped by the ORU School of Nursing and chatted with Dr. Jezek who asked her on the spot if she would like to come to ORU as the simulation lab coordinator.

"God worked everything out so that we could come back," Sharon commented. "In a small town with a poor real estate market, we sold our house in two weeks."

"It is a joy to be back at ORU and to teach students who are not just pursuing a career in nursing, but who have a call to a healing ministry. It is a blessing to be able to mentor students as they learn to minister to the whole person."

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