Matthew Delaney teaches out of an overflow of passion, believing that Hebrew can bring real change to the lives and perspectives of his students. Hebrew unlocks a world of people and ideas, both ancient and modern, for students to engage with. Matthew believes that God is far bigger than any one person, culture, or language can fully express. The Hebrew language and the Hebrew speaking cultures throughout the ages contain great insights about humanity, the world, and God that Matthew shares in his teaching. One notable example is that approximately 75 percent of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew that is very similar to Hebrew as it is spoken today.

Being very practical, Matthew infuses his classes with insights that are valuable to students regardless of their future vocation. Matthew begins every week of class with an engaging discussion about how Hebrew words and Hebrew speaking cultures express something unique about God, the world, and humanity. Oftentimes, the discussion is directly connected to reading a portion of the Hebrew Scriptures in the Bible. 

For Matthew, Hebrew goes beyond being an academic exercise as he uses the language practically on a daily basis to read the Hebrew Bible, gain insight from ancient and modern Hebrew sources, and connect with Israelis living all around the world. This is such a great passion for Matthew that he cannot help but share it with others. His expertise has been recognized by others. Pastors and public speakers seek out Matthew for his insights on the Hebrew Scriptures and elements of Hebrew culture when preparing messages.  

Matthew has advanced knowledge of Biblical, Mishnaic, and Modern Hebrew. He was introduced to Modern Hebrew through his undergraduate studies at ORU. He went on to study at an Ulpan (full immersion Hebrew language program) at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He then studied Biblical and Mishnaic Hebrew at the graduate level. With an understanding of the history and development of Hebrew throughout different eras, Matthew brings insight relevant to everything from reading the Bible in Hebrew to connecting with Israelis and everything in between. 

Having learned Hebrew as a second language, Matthew understands what it is like to learn Hebrew from scratch. He is excellent at guiding students through the journey of learning Hebrew and is patient with students through the process.

While Matthew enjoys Hebrew, what he loves most is seeing students grow in their relationship with Jesus and encouraging them in the process of discovering, developing, and using their God-given gifts for the Kingdom of God.

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