Lyn Manghum comes to ORU with over 30 years of teaching experience. She was a certified secondary and primary teacher in the UK and taught secondary French from beginning to 6th-year university entry level. She has also taught physical education, managed an in-school support center for students at risk of permanent exclusion, and was a guidance counselor with responsibility for a year group of students.

Between 2008 and 2011, she worked as a primary languages consultant for a local education authority in central England and was instrumental in introducing foreign languages into the primary classroom. In this role, she taught beginning French, German, Spanish and Italian to primary aged children, ran courses to upskill certified teachers, and liaised with secondary school modern languages departments. The role involved training and supporting certified primary practitioners, and leading specialized training sessions in primary foreign languages teaching methodology to B. Ed. and PGCE students at a local university. She has led workshops in foreign language teaching at primary languages conferences in central England.

She has been teaching all levels of French in the university’s English and Modern Languages Department since August 2016 and served on the Study Abroad Paris Committee.  At present, she manages the Cultural Center in her role as director. She is passionate about life-long learning and helping students overcome academic and personal obstacles.

Before moving to Tulsa in 2011, she led a discipleship course at her church in England for eight years. She also served on the church’s prayer ministry and women’s ministry teams have spoken at Sunday evening services and women’s meetings and mentored young women. She believes that serving has both challenged her and helped her grow spiritually by encouraging her to seek a deeper relationship with the Lord. She loves helping believers to grasp their identity in Christ and is currently studying practical theology in the master’s program at ORU. She incorporates French worship songs and prayer in French into her classes, and her students learn how to say who they are in Christ in French.

She earned her B.A. in French along with the Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Stirling in Scotland, U.K. She has also earned a Certificate in Guidance in Scottish Secondary Schools from Morey House College of Education, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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