Copyright Laws 

If you have questions, please contact:

Jan Bledsoe, Assistant Manager x6847

Marilyn Argabright, Senior Manager of Printing and Business Services x6849

Members of the faculty and departmental secretaries are reminded that the Copy Services staff is obliged to follow current Federal copyright laws. For a detailed explanation of current guidelines for reproducing copyrighted materials for instructional purposes, contact wjernigan@oru.edu.


To maintain security of exams, please follow these guidelines:

  • Complete a work request form.
  • Attach to exam.
  • Place exam into an envelope and give directly to delivery person or bring to the Business Center and give to the receptionist.
  • Exams may not be submitted or picked up by a student.
  • Exams are given top priority.
  • The exact number of copies requested will be produced and originals returned to the requestor.
  • Exams are wrapped with a cover sheet and are secured in a locked cabinet until picked up from the Copy Services courtesy counter or delivered.
  • Note: Exam pages should be numbered.
  • No work-study student sees or handles any part of the printing function for exams.

 Copy Services

Walk-Up Copy Services: Walk-Up Copy Service is available for requests of 300 total copies or less. All requests in excess of 300 copies should be submitted to the receptionist in the Business Center for processing. Also, rush (6-24 hours) and priority (2-6 hours) turnarounds are available.

Copying: Large quantities, small quantities and everything in between. See Scheduling Guide in "Online Orders" for specific turnaround times.

Color Laser Copying: Full color copies made from originals, disk, CD, E-mail, media sticks or this website. Enlargements and reductions are available from 400% to 25%.

Additional Services: Folding, shredding, cutting, laminating and three-hole punching are also available as well as binding (comb, coil, perfect bind, and velo).

Work Request

A work request form containing the following information should be attached to each copy job sent to the Business Center:

  • The user's name, department, cost center number and telephone number should be printed in the appropriate spaces.
  • The number of original pages to be copied and the number of copies requested must be indicated.
  • The date you are requesting the completed work to be returned should be entered next to "Due Date" in the top left-hand corner of the form.

Submitting Jobs

Work Requests are to be submitted to the receptionist in the ORU Business Center, or projects may be submitted online

Books, bound manuscripts, computer pages or other items that cannot be separated into individual sheets and fed through the automatic document handler will require special handling by our operators and will be billed at the special handling or book copy rate.

Jobs to be copied onto special letterhead should be typed on plain, white paper. NOTE: We recommend that letters to be copied onto letterhead be signed in black ink for better quality prints. Blue pen ink does not reproduce well.

Pick-up and Delivery

Students may pick up completed projects at our customer service counter (the Walk-Up Counter) or delivery will be made to departments on campus by our delivery person on his/her regular runs. If work is needed before a regularly scheduled run, it will need to be picked up by the department's personnel. The inside runs start at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The outside run starts at 12:00 noon.

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