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Typing and Proofing Policy

DPS provides document preparation services to students, utilizing the best in desktop publishing/graphic design software applications.

All documents will be typed as written, checked for spelling and grammar errors, and proofread for simple errors. For instance, if your document contains fragments, DPS will flag them on a proofed draft and provide you the opportunity to correct them.

Student Papers

The student is responsible for content, grammar, and requesting the proper format for each document processed by the department. DPS specializes in formatting standards for academic writing style guides, such as Turabian, APA, MLA and SBL. Our specialists also maintain up-to-date information on University department "exceptions" to standard rules for formatting such as the rducation departments "Exceptions to APA Format" and Graduate Theology's "GTM" (exceptions to Turabian). It is, however, the student's responsibility (1) to make sure DPS is provided proper instructions for formatting individual documents and (2) to check each completed project for correct format and content.

Bibliographies and notes will be typed exactly as written or typed. If a particular stylebook is indicated on our order form, but additional contradictory formatting is requested along with it, our specialists will format the document according to your format specifications. All projects are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

DPS is not an editing service for students but a typing and proofreading service only. We are not responsible for formatting bibliographies, footnotes or endnotes. We will do our best to format citations and references according to the style guide indicated; however, students are ultimately responsible for submitting each footnote, endnote, and bibliographic entry in the correct format for typing.

Proofing Only

DPS will proofread your typed material for format/style, i.e., Turabian, Turabian with exceptions (Theology), APA, APA with exceptions (Education), SBL, MLA, and a light grammar and spell check.

Typing (includes proofing)

  • Papers/Reports/Dissertations/Manuscripts
  • Résumés/Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters and Memos/Envelopes and Labels
  • PowerPoint Presentations, Graphics, Flyers, Programs, Bulletins, Newsletters, Brochures, Letterhead

Faxing (local, long distance and international)


  • Black and white images
  • Color images
  • Text

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