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Oral Roberts University adheres to all government and public health guidelines and will update this page regularly based on the latest guidelines and questions received.

Personal Responsibility

What is meant by “personal responsibility”?
As part of the campus community, all ORU students, faculty, and staff members are urged to exercise caution and personal responsibility in their actions and behaviors to preserve the safety of the community. It is going to take all of us working together to keep all of us safe—by engaging in personal responsibility, you are loving your ORU community. We are all counting on you to engage in this process!

What are some examples of the ways I should be demonstrating personal responsibility on campus?

  • Wash your hands regularly, also carry hand sanitizer with you and regularly sanitize your hands, especially before and after touching surfaces.
  • Wear your face covering whenever physical distancing is not possible.
  • If you are feeling unwell, let others know and take time to get well.
  • Do not touch your eyes.
  • Be mindful of yourself and your personal space, exercise physical distancing.

Arrival to Campus/Move-In to Residence Halls (Now through Fall 2020)

Are guests/parents required to wear a face-covering while on campus?
Yes, please, we want everyone to feel safe on campus and care for one another so we are requesting everyone wear a face-covering while not in their room.

Will students need to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test before moving in?
No, not at this time unless the government or healthcare guidelines change.

If a student comes from an area with a high number of cases will the student need to self-isolate for 14 days before coming to campus?
No, not at this time unless the government or healthcare guidelines change. But please remember that everyone must pass the screening test at the campus entrance.

What should we expect when arriving on campus?
Security staff will ask for your Wellness Check Fast Pass confirmation. Each day before coming to campus, answer the questions on the fast pass and bring a screenshot of your pass to show Security staff at check-in.

Security staff are screening everyone who comes to campus including faculty, staff, students and their family members, and vendors. They are also checking everyone’s temperature.

What is the Wellness Check Fast Pass?
The “Wellness Check Fast Pass” is an online survey that asks you a series of questions based on CDC screening guidelines. Once you’ve completed the survey, you will either be allowed admittance to the campus or informed that you are not approved to enter.

Will there be anything different about move-in?
New students will receive an email with a detailed orientation schedule that includes assigned move-in times.

Returning students will receive an email with additional information about move-in times.

There will be no early arrivals of returning students.


Will there be an in-person registration event this fall?
No, registration should be completed online from July 6 to July 31. The Registration Steps are available through a student’s Vision account online or through the ORU app. There is no need to wait until you arrive on campus to begin working through the Registration Steps, and staff are available by phone, email, and video conference to assist you as well..

How can I get help with a question related to registration?
The service staff is working daily throughout the summer and available to assist you daily from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CDT. ELI, ORU’s Chatbot, is available at all times to current students via text or through the ORU app. If you'd like to text ELI and don't have the number, please let us know.

Residential Services (Housing)

Can students still have roommates?

Are private rooms available?
Yes, a number of private rooms are available in the residence halls; they may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a private room, contact the ORU Residential Services office at 918.495.7711.

What measures are in place for residential housing, particularly the bathrooms?
The University will continue to sanitize the bathrooms with hospital-grade cleaners daily.

The University will encourage students to exercise caution and personal responsibility (see “Personal Responsibility” section above).

Can we bring an air purifier for our room in residential housing?
Yes, but we ask that you operate it only while you are inside the room. When you leave, please turn it off.

Should we bring cleaning supplies?
We recommend students take extra measures to clean the spaces they use and have their own cleaning supplies available. We encourage you to begin purchasing these supplies now and not wait until you arrive on campus:

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Face coverings

What other safety measures will you be taking on campus?
The University has purchased a number of new cleaning systems and has implemented other safety measures including:

  • UV light systems to kill viruses in high-risk, high-traffic areas (primarily in common areas).
  • Electrostatic sanitizing misters, which are used to sanitize high-risk, high traffic common areas, bathrooms, and classrooms.
  • A Sterile Air Rover will be used to sanitize airborne particles in a high-risk area where there has been possible contamination.
  • Use of hospital-grade sanitizing solutions with common areas and high- touch points cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Antimicrobial filters have been installed in all residential housing.
  • Use of foggers to sanitize the NEC Shuttle and all University vans.
  • Added cleaning staff.
  • All cash registers will have a touchless swipe with only the cardholder touching their own card.
  • Plexiglass barriers are being installed at all high-traffic, face-to-face contact areas (cash registers, student accounts, library, service offices, etc.).
  • Requesting that the campus community reduce the maximum number of people in the elevator. If possible, please use stairs, especially if only traveling up or down one or two flights.
  • Use of face coverings by all students, faculty, and staff.


Will there be regular chapel services in person?
Yes. Chapel is a key part of the ORU student experience; all chapel services will be held in the 11,000-seat Mabee Center to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Dining Services

What safety precautions will you be taking in the cafeteria?

  • Students must practice physical distancing.
  • Staff will undergo daily wellness checks and will be wearing masks.
  • Carry-out will be available.
  • Plexiglass barriers are in place for all cashiers and there will be touchless transactions scanners.

Can a student get take-out at the cafeteria?
Yes. The Fireside Room near Zoppelt Auditorium will also be available as a location to pick up take-out meals.

Health Services

What health services, on campus, are available to students?
We have expanded our medical services to include a physician's assistant and nurse practitioner, available daily Monday through Friday. As of now, the campus Student Health Center remains open and available to all who may need it. Signs are posted at the Student Health Center asking students who exhibit symptoms of respiratory illness to put on a mask upon entering. Two waiting rooms are being used to separate those with respiratory illness from other students visiting the Center.

Students will also have the option to use telemedicine services. More details about this program will be available as we get closer to the fall semester.

What steps can I take to remain healthy?
The best way to prevent illness is to avoid contact with sick people, regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizers with at least 60-95% alcohol, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, the use of social distancing and wearing a face mask. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is strongly encouraged to boost your mental and physical strength. If you are feeling sick, notify your RA, seek medical advice, and please don’t go to work or attend classes.

How should I prepare for an illness while at ORU?
Every student, faculty, and staff member should be aware of their health insurance plan. Please investigate which medical providers and hospitals in the Tulsa area accept your insurance and create a plan to access your healthcare should you need it. Don’t forget about pharmacy coverage as well. There are many provider offices and pharmacies close to campus that support many health insurance plans.

Academics/Online Learning

How will the schedule change for the fall semester?
The semester will still begin on August 13, 2020 but will conclude on November 20, 2020. To accomplish this, ORU will not include a fall break this year but rather three “one day off” moments on September 7 (Labor Day), October 12 (Columbus Day aka Indigenous Peoples' Day), and November 3 (Election Day).

What safety measures are you taking in classrooms?
Students will be able to protect each other by wearing masks during class, physical distancing will be accommodated through limits on classroom capacity, and classrooms will be cleaned regularly with hospital-grade cleaners.

Will computer and science labs be used for classes?
Computer and science labs will be used for classes with students wearing masks and social distancing. Lab courses will use technology to allow lab partners to share data and complete learning experiences in a safe environment.

Will the Aerobics Center be available?
Yes. Masks, social distancing, and frequent cleaning will allow safe use of the Aerobics Center. Access to certain areas may be limited or unavailable.

Will HPE be modified in any way?
HPE activity courses will continue to provide students with opportunities to maintain physical fitness while remaining safe. To maximize social distancing, two-day-a-week courses will meet with one-half of the enrolled students each day. Physical activity outside with social distancing significantly reduces risk of exposure well below indoor activity, so activities will remain outside as much as weather allows. Off-campus HPE activities will continue with social distancing as supported by the external partners (bowling, equestrian, golf, mountain biking, etc.).

Will music courses be offered?
Yes. Music courses will follow social distancing guidelines emphasizing the use of small ensembles for both vocal and instrumental activities with routine cleaning between lessons and performances.

Will recitals be allowed to continue?
Yes. Recitals and other events will maintain social distancing guidelines for both performers and audience attendees. Spaces assigned and limits on attendance may change based on the level of community engagement.

Will the shuttle to the Nursing and Engineering Complex operate as usual?
Yes. Riders will use masks and social distancing. The shuttle will be routinely cleaned and will operate per the normal schedule.

Student Life

Will we still have intramurals?
Yes. We are still assessing how to facilitate these activities safely.

Will there still be SA events?
Yes, there will be events; however, each event will be assessed on how to best facilitate these activities safely.


Will student groups (student leadership groups, academic groups) be eligible to travel domestically?
Since the University has canceled fall break, it is unlikely that these activities will take place in the fall semester.


Will there be NCAA athletic events taking place on-campus at ORU?
Yes. As of now, all sports are being planned to start on time and during their normal, respective season timeframe.

Will ORU Basketball start on time?
Yes, as of now, all sports are being planned to start on time and during their normal, respective season timeframe.

Will all sports start their seasons as scheduled?
Yes, additional information will be released when available.

Will spectators be allowed to attend?
Yes, additional information will follow concerning social distancing measures if necessary. Safety is our top priority.

Are there contactless tickets available for games?
Yes, for sports that require tickets, ORU is providing both online ticket ordering options as well as an all-digital ticket ordering option. Fans can find out more about the all-digital, Flash Seat tickets here.

What number can be called for further athletics-related questions?
Fans can text or call 918-495-7ORU (7678) to visit with a live Athletics representative with any other questions.

Is there an online resource for athletics-specific information?
Check for updates concerning athletic events on campus.


If you have a question that was not addressed here, please email and we will do our best to reply promptly.




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