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Getting a French student visa can be a complicated process, but it is well worth the effort. Give yourself plenty of time to complete this procedure because you will have to fill out several forms, send a check to Washington D.C., and make an appointment with the nearest French consulate.

1. Before you begin the visa process, you should have applied to the institution of your choice and completed the study abroad packet at ORU. Do not start this process until you have completed these two things.

2. After you have applied to the French Institution, you should receive an “Attestation” in the mail stating that you are enrolled in classes for the semester. Save this, because a copy of this document must sent to CampusFrance.

3. The first step in the visa process is creating an account with CampusFrance. The account is created online at the website www.usa.campusfrance.org. Step by step instructions for filling out the forms are available through their PDF document which you can download here or from their website.

4. Once you have completed your CampusFrance dossier, send you attestation to the office in Washington. The attestation is the acceptance letter from the French university you will be attending (make sure it is “a copy of the official document signed by the program director on university letterhead, proving your acceptance to the university program”). You should write your CampusFrance ID number on the letter to make sure it attached to you profile.

5. In addition to your proof of acceptance, you will need to send a money order as an enrollment fee to Campus France. Here are the directions taken from the website:

Payment is only to be made in the form of a money order — a method of payment issued for a certain sum and made payable to a person or organization specified by the payer, which can be purchased at the post office (USPS), in a bank, or the offices of “Money Gram”, “Western Union” or “Currency Exchange”. These money orders must be in the amount of $70 and made payable to CampusFrance – La Maison Française, in order to process your CampusFrance file. Please make sure to write your name and CampusFrance identification number (beginning in US———) on your money order.CampusFrance fees are different from visa processing fees requested by each Consulate. For more information concerning consulate visa request fees, we recommend that you consult the website for the consulate in your area in the United States. Sent the money order and the acceptance letter in the same envelope to the following address, making sure that both documents have your CampusFrance ID number on them:

4101 Reservoir Rd. NW
Washington D.C. 20007

6. Once your transaction is processed, you CampusFrance file should be complete. You can check this by looking at your profile online. Make sure you print your CampusFrance confirmation email. You should bring this document to your visa appointment at the consulate.

7. Next, you must make an appointment with your nearest consulate. To find the nearest consulate, click here http://ambafrance-us.org/spip.php?rubrique=2.  Bring a copy of the appointment confirmation with you.

8. When you arrive at your appointment with the consulate, make sure you have all your documents in order. You will need the following documents:


2 Copies of your long stay visa application (Form) (English Translation)
Proof of payment from CampusFrance (CampusFrance receipt mentioning your student number)
A passport valid for at least 3 months your return with a minimum of two blank pages in good condition that allows proper identification of the bearer without any doubt
3 ID photos
Copy of the first 2 pages of your passport
A compled OFII form (Form)
For US resident aliens, a copy of your green card is required
Proof of address (choose between one of the two):
     1) original and copy of utility bill no older than 3 months, lease agreement, or deed
     2) enrollment verification from the registrar of your American university (ORU)
Admission letter from French university (attestation)
Proof of sufficient funds (pick one of the two):
     1)A notarized letter from your parents stating they will provide you with $600 a month
     2)Your last three months of bank statements for your checking and saving accounts
Flight reservation (do not purchase until visa has been secured)
Proof of lodging for the first 3 months of your stay (lease agreement or deed in France, hotel booking, statement from your host university in France)
Processing fee of $69 payable in cash or with credit card at the consulate

9. After you have completed your interview, you may choose to leave your passport at the consulate and have it sent to you, or may drop off your passport again at the consulate once the visa has been processed.

10. For further information, see the French consulate’s website at http://www.consulfrance-washington.org/spip.php?article385#II-Studies-in-France-for-more-than

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