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Student Teaching with A Twist for Extra Preparation

In the Elementary, Early Childhood and Special education fields, student teaching provides an intensive internship that gives you an opportunity to test your abilities in an actual classroom. When you complete your education degree at ORU, student teaching includes an extra "cohort" component that makes it even more valuable.

Through the cohort program, you undertake your student teaching in conjunction with highly specific and personal training on campus. One week of student teaching is followed by two weeks of course correction, advice and assistance from campus faculty. Then, you return to the classroom to complete your student teaching and your final assessment.

We are pleased that not only do nearly 100 percent of our graduates find teaching positions upon graduation, but on the three placement tests required before you can teach in Oklahoma, 100 percent of our students have passed.


Building and District Level Leadership Focused Internships

Both, the MA and the Ed.D. degree plans for School Administration include internships aligned with the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards and expectations. These internships provide the candidate with real life experiences that are both meaningful to their professional growth as well as for the school / district where they are interning.


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