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Do you know a student who is boldly pursuing their purpose and passionate about preserving Christian values? 

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"Freedom lies in being bold."


ORU's newest scholarship, the Freedom Scholarship, is representative of our commitment to the Christian values that we hold so dear, as well as the boldness and courage that accompany the pursuit of excellence. Not only will this exclusive scholarship provide students with additional financial freedom during their time at ORU, but it will equip them with the power and resources needed to fulfill their purpose.


ORU is partnering with organizations to select nominated students to be awarded the Freedom Scholarship.

  • This scholarship is worth $20,000, will be awarded to eligible students and paid out in $5,000 increments each academic year for a maximum of four (4) years.
  • Students must qualify for admission to ORU.
  • Students must be first-time, full-time, residential undergraduate students who have not applied or are currently enrolled at ORU.
  • This scholarship can be combined with other awards.
  • We highly encourage organizations to match this scholarship amount for their selected student!
  • Only one student per organization is eligible to receive the Freedom scholarship.
  • All nominees will be reviewed on an individual basis. Nomination does not guarantee eligibility for this scholarship.

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