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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

University Experts

College of Arts and Cultural Studies    
Communication and Media Faculty    
Dr. Katherine Kelley Chair of Communications & Media Communication | Dynamics of Leadership | Organizational Communication | Interpersonal Communication Dynamics
Rafael Barreiro, M.F.A. MultiMedia Institute Director and Associate Professor Film Production| International Filmmaking | National Christian Broadcasting
 Dr. Agena Farmer  Assistant Professor of Organizational/Interpersonal Communication  Communication| Debate
 Cristi Freudenrich  Assistant Professor of Communication Arts  Advertising| Internships
 Rhonda Gallagher  Assistant Professor of Communication, Arts and Media  Oral Communication
 Mark Labash  Assistant Professor of Communication, Arts and Media Audio and Audio Production | Radio
 Susan McMurray  Assistant Professor of Communication  Professional Speaking | Communication for Human Resource Management | Training and Development
 Denise Miller  Assistant Instructor of Communication Arts  Basics of Oral Communication | Speech Education | Virtual Reality in the classroom
 Chris Putman  Assistant Professor of Communication, Arts and Media  Public Relations | Branding and Promotion
 Dr. Linda Royall Assistant Professor of Convergence Journalism and DIrector of Student Media  Convergence Journalism | Investigative Reporting
Dr. Marcela Chaván Associate Professor of Communication Communication Strategies for Diverse Audiences | Cross Cultural Communication Design | Development and Evaluation of Products and Services including Health Communication | Latinx Leadership | Communication for Development | International Students
Christopher Holt

Instructor of Media | Director of Media Facilities

Video Production | AVL System Integration
Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts Faculty    
 Laura Holland  Chair of Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts/ Professor of Drama  Theatre | Design| Playwriting | Makeup
 Mandel Chenoweth  Professor of Global Art  Art Education
 Nathan Opp  Professor of Art History of Art | Studio Art
 Jason Howell  Associate Professor of Art  Graphic Design | Typography
 Jiwon Kim  Associate Professor of Art  Illustration | Graphic Design
 Denise Miller  Assistant Instructor of Communication Art

 Theatre Education

Courtneay Sanders Director of Theatre/Professor of Drama Theatre | Acting
Christina Schneider Director of Dance Dance (Modern Specialist)
Norah Swiney Assistant Professor of Theatre Theatre History | Drama Therapy
 Music Faculty    
 Dr. John Jenkins  Chair of Music Department/Associate Professor  Conducting| Brass Pedagogy| Arts Administration
 Joyce Bridgman  Assistant Pofessor of Music  Piano
 Dr. Rob Corser  Associate Professor of Music Composition  Music Composition
 Dr. Michelle Eller  Assistant Professor of Voice  Classical Singing| Vocal Pedagogy| Piano Performance
 Dr.Hayoung Lim  Director of Music Therapy/ Professor of Music  Music Therapy
 Dr. Imgyu Kang  Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Studies  Choral Conducting
Dr.Scott Quant Associate Professor of Music Music Education| Singers Diction
Dr. Tim Waters Professor of Music Music Production
Vicki Walker Assistant Professor of Music Music Theory
Christopher Brown Assistant Professor of Music Guitar
History, Humanities and Government Faculty    
Dr. Curtis Ellis Chair of History, Humanities and Government/Associate Professor American Government and Politics| Campaigns| Campaign Finance| Elections| U.S. Congress| Public Policy| Race and Politics| Representation
Dr. Ruby Libertus Assistant Professor of International Relations International Issues| International Involvement
Paul Vickery Professor of History Latin American History| Carribean History| European History| Immigration
Sonny Branham Assistant Professor of Government American Government and Politics| Oklahoma Politics| Tulsa Politics
Beverly Garrison Assistant Professor of History Early Women's History| Oklahoma History| Native American History
Jason Pudlo Assistant Professor of Political Science Emergency Management and Disaster Relief | Non-profit and Public Organizations | Politics
English and Modern Languages Faculty    
David Farnsworth Chair of English and Modern Languages | Instructor of Spanish Spanish (Grammar and Phonetics) | Translation Studies
Dr.Joann Allen Professor of English American Literature
Dr. Michael Fulton Professor of Spanish Spanish Language| Literature
Dr. William Epperson Professor of English American, British and World Literature
Charlotte Neller Instructor of Arabic Arabic Language
Yabing Wang Instructor of Chinese Chinese Langauge
Lyn Manghum Instructor of French French Language
Laura Krohn Instructor of English English | Education
Matthew Delaney Visiting Lecturer of Hebrew Hebrew Language
College of Business Faculty    
Dr. David Dyson Interim Chair of Graduate Program/Professor of Management Management| International Business| Ethics| Use of Technology
Terry Unruh Interim Undergraduate Chair/ Assistant Professor of Accounting Accounting| Connections with all accounting firms| Historical Perspectives of ORU operations| Faculty, Students, Business Comunity
Dr. Ardith Baker Interim Undergraduate Assistant Chair Decison Sciences| Statistics| Research
Dr. Jim Russel Professor of Economics Economics| Frequent contributer of Articles for Charisma magazine
Dr. Marshal Wright Professor of Management Strategy| Law| Former Practicing Lawyer| Frequent Author for Harvard Business Review| Tedx Talks Speaker
Dr. David Burkus Associate Professor of Management Management
Dr. Bill Elliot Assistant Professor of Accounting Accounting

Dr. Doris Feltham

Associate Professor of Finance Accounting| Finance
Dr. Rebecca Gun Associate Professor of Marketing Marketing
Dr. Jonathan Wiley Assistant Professor of Finance Finance
Jim Toft Instructor of Management International Business| Management
College of Education Faculty    
Dr. Patrick Otto Chair of Graduate School of Education/ Associate Professor Christian Education (P-12)| Christian Higher Education| P-12 & Higher Education Accredidation
Hallet Hullinger Professor of Education (Graduate Department) Adult Learning| Higher Education Issues and Future
Tim Norton Professor of Education (Graduate Department) Higher Education| Christian Education
Dr. Sherri D. Tapp Professor of Education (Graduate Department) Culturally Responsive Teaching Leadership
Dr. Dwight Davidson (Adjunct) Associate Professor of Education (Graduate Department) Fincance| Facillities| Issues Organizing Theory and Management | United Nations Representatives to Infopoverty
Dr. Evie Lindberg Professor of Education (Undergraduate Department) Dyslexia| Specific Learning Disabilities (13 categories of special education)| Special Education Teacher Training| Healthy Children Project
Charlene Martin Professor of Education (Undergraduate Department) Teacher Education and Efficacy| Literacy| Pedagogy| Mentoring| Induction Programs
Mary Lou Miller Professor of Education (Undergraduate Department) Math Education| Educational Research| Statistics | Evaluation & Assesment| Bias Assesment on an Instrument
Dr. Chancey Bosch Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction (P-12 Ed.)
Amanda Wilson Assistant Professor of Elementary and Childhood Education Reading| Non-Cognitive Skills| Grit and Purpose Development
Dr. Catherine Klehm Associate Professor of Chemistry Chemistry Education| Science Education| NSF Grants
LeighAnne Locke Assistant Professor of Mathematics Math Education| MASST Grant (NSF-funded grant for math and science teaching scholarships)
Denise Miller Assistant Instructor of Communication Arts Communication (Crisis and Global Communication)
Laura Krohn Instructor of English and English Education English Education
Lauren Alvarez (MA Adjunct) Coordinator of Student Teaching Elementary Education (Certified K-8) | Parent Education and School Outreach| Relationship and Communication Education (Certified PREP) | Elementary School Counselor
Janet George   Higher Ed. Leadership| ELL| Curriculum Design| Course Design| D2L| Cross-Cultural Communication
College of Nursing Faculty    
Lenore Butay Instructor of Nursing Dosage Calculation| Health Assesment| Medical and Surgical Nursing| Research| Home Hospice Practice| Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Patricia Catts Assistant Professor of Nursing Obstentrics and Women's Health| Pediatrics| Pharmacology | Pathophysiology| Affiliated with Oncology Nursing Society| National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Rebecca Poore Assistant Professor of Nursing Health Assesment | Medical Surgery Nursing| Rural Community| Research| Family Nurse Practioner| Transition Life Care
Dr. Cheryl Swanson Associate Professor of Nursing Registered Nurse Critical Care| Electrocardiography Preceptor| Research
Audrey Thompson Associate Professor of Nursing Registered Nurse at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital | Nursing Leadership and Management
Rachael Valentz Instructor of Nursing Registered Nurse in Adult Intensive Care Unit at St.Johns Hospital
Sharon Willis Manager of Simulated Laboritories Registered Nurse in Postpartum Unit at St.Francis South Hospital | ACLS Training| Medical Terminology
Corrie VanArsdale Instructor of Nursing Registered Nurse in OB at St.Franics Hospital | Community Health Nursing | Leadership in Nursing Research
JoeAnne Robinson Instructor of Nursing Registered Nurse in Medical-Surgical Nursing at St.Francis Hospital | Foundations of Nursing| Research | SNA Advisor| Medical-Surgical Course
College of Science and Engineering    
Behavioral Sciences Faculty    
Dr. Randall Feller Chair of Behavioral Sciences Department/ Prfessor of Psychology Psychology| Sexual Abuse Treatment| Sexual Agression| Integration of Faith and Psychology
Dr. Cal Easterling Professor Sociology| American Awareness and Prepardness for Existential Nuclear Threat
Dr. Angela Watson Associate Professor Psychology| Spirituality Among Christian University Students| Measurement of any Variable Relevant to Social Sciences
Philip Nelson Assistant Professor Psychology| Cross-Cultural Adjustment| Stress of Expatriates (Missionaries)
Brittany Oelze Assistant Professor Social Work| Human Sex Trafficking| Child Trauma
Biology and Chemistry Faculty    
Dr. William Collier Professor Physical Chemistry| Molecular Spectroscopy| Intelligent Design| Science and Religion| The Philosphy of Science
Dr. Joel Gaikwad Professor Biology | Antibiotic Resistance| Biofilms
Dr. John Korstad Professor Ecology | Lake Ecology | Phytoremediation| Biofuels and Other Forms of Renewable Energy | Sustainability| Environmental Stewardship| Creation Care
Dr. Hal Reed Professor Environmental Science| Stinging Ants, Wasps and Bees| Wetlands| Conservation Biology| Environmental
Dr. George Thyvelikakath Professor Organic Chemistry
Dr. Catherine Klehm Associate Professor Chemistry| Effective Teaching Strategies and Learning Styles| School Lab Safety

Dr. Lois Albin

Associate Professor Organic Chemistry| Green Chemistry
Dr. William Ranahan Assistant Professor Biology | Cancer Signaling| Epithelial Polarity| Breast Cancer Progression
Dr. Celestino Velasquez Assistant Professor Biology | Molecular Biology | Celle Biology | Virology
Rachel Budavich-Coon Instructor Bioethics | Biomedical Ethics
 Computing and Mathmatics Faculty    
 Dr. Andrew Lang  Chair of Computing and Mathmatics Department Professor  Mathmatics | Open Science | Quantum Mechanics | Cosmology| Black Holes| Worm Holes| Time-Travel| Science and Science Fiction| Cheminformatics| Machine Learning| The Public Image of Science
 Dr. Stephen Wheat  Professor  Computer Science | Big Data| Computer Technology| High Performance Computing| Supercomputers| Global Technology Usage| Bioinformatics| Computing Industry (HPE, Intel, etc.)
 Dr. Jayne Ann Harder  Assistant Professor  Mathmatics Education| Oklahoma Mathmatics Education| National Mathmatics Education| Tutoring
 LieghAnn Locke  Assistant Professor  Mathmatics Education| Oklahoma Mathmatics Education| National Mathmatics Education
 J. Bryan Osborne  Instructor  Information Technology| Computer Security| Computer Technology | Mobile Technology| Wearable Technology| Virtual Reality| Augmented Reality| Mixed Reality| Big Data
 Engineering Faculty    
 Dr.John Matsson  Chair of Engineering Department/ Professor Mechanical Engineering
 Dr. Dominic Halsmer  Professor  Engineering Education | Mechanical Engineering| Aerospace Engineering| Reverse Engineering
 Dr. Robert Leland  Professor  Teaching in Computer Engineering | Research on Wireless Communication and Network
 Dr. Elena Gregg  Assocaite Professor  Physics | Optics
 Health, Leisure, and Sports Sciences Faculty    
 Dr. Fritz Huber  Chair of the HLSS Department/ Associate Professor  Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology
 Dr. Bill Gordon  Associate Professor  Tennis and Teacher Education
Dr. Terry Shannon Assistant Professor Sports Management
Bob Canada Assistant Professor Leisure and Recreation
Scarlet Jost Assistant Professor Exercise and Weight Control/ Exercise for Special Populations
Nancy Mankin Assistant Professor CPR, Safety, and First Aid
Glenn Smith Instructor Athletic Training
College of Theology and Ministry Faculty    
Dr. Wonsuk Ma Dean Global Christianity | Global Pentecostalism| Mission in the New Christian Era
Dr. Bill Buker Associate Dean Marriage & Family Therapy| Spiritual Formation
Dr. Samuel Thorpe Chair of Undergraduate Theology/ Professor of Philosophy and Theological Studies Christian Apologetics | American Civil War | Golf (certified professional golf instructor)
Dr. Jeff Lamp Professor of New Testament New Testament Greek| Environmental Studies/ Eco-theology
Dr. James Shelton Professor of New Testament Ancient Greek & Hebrew Manuscripts (affiliated with the Green Family ORU Scholars Initiative & Museum of the Bible)
Dr. Eric Newberg Professor of Theological and Historical Studies (Undergraduate Dept.) Middle East Issues | American Church History
Dr. Larry Hart Professor of Theology History of Oral Roberts and Oral Roberts University
Dr. William Lyons Associate Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Studies Ancient Greek and Hebrew Manuscripts (affiliated with the Green Family ORU Scholars initiative and Museum of the Bible)
Dr. Eloy Nolivos Assitant Professor of Practical Theology Latin| South America
Dr. Julie Ma Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies Pentecostal Mission
Dr. Kelly James Associate Professor of Counseling Trauma | Play Therapy| EMDR
Dr. Sandra Richardson Professor of Counseling Professional Ethics
Dr. Andrea Walker Professor of Counseling Addictions
Dr. Greg Meyer Adjunct Professor of Counseling Spirituality and Counseling
Kerry Loescher Instructor of Practical Ministry Youth Issues
Dr. John Swails Director of the Center for Israel and Middle East Studies Middle East
Dr. Daniel Isgrigg Director of Holy Spirit Research Center Studies of Oral Roberts
Dr. Vinson Synan Scholar in Residency Pentacostalism and Charismatic Movement | Global Pentecostalism| Oral Roberts Studies

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