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Program Description

The ORU MASST Internship Program seeks to encourage talented STEM majors to become secondary (grades 6-12) mathematics and science teachers. A goal of the MASST Internship Program is to recruit college freshman, sophomore and transfer STEM majors and provide them with opportunities to assist K-12 teaching and learning activities. Internships will occur at the Tulsa Dream Center as part of their existing educational summer program. MASST Interns will receive a stipend (taxable income) for the eight-week assignment. Additionally, the Internship will begin with pre-internship coursework in May through enrollment in 4-credit hours of ORU Professional Education courses. Tuition costs for the 4-credit hours of summer courses will be provided by the MASST Program. Ideal candidates demonstrate mathematics and science academic success and commitment to support mathematics or science education activities. Participating as a MASST Intern is a requirement for applying to be MASST Scholar, but does not guarantee selection.

  • Four credit hours of required Professional Education coursework tuition free (during May of Internship summer)
  • One course textbook provided
  • $2400 stipend (taxable income) for mentoring and tutoring at the Tulsa Dream Center (during June and July of Internship summer)
  • Reimbursement for passing the OGET exam (a $120 value)
  • Qualify to apply for MASST Scholar Program
Eligibility Requirements
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Admitted and/or enrolled as a student at ORU
  • Have an earned GPA (cumulative grade point average) of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or above
  • Declare a STEM major (major cannot be Math Education nor Science Education)
  • Have a definite intent to apply to become a MASST Program Scholar


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