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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

The best teachers are those who not only teach, but remain lifelong students of their craft. Professor Robin Akbar is just that. He describes himself not only a science teacher but also as a continuous student of science.

“I have been teaching for the past 45 years, so you can easily understand teaching is my passion,” he said. “Physics is very difficult to teach, but I was lucky to have some very good teachers in college. They have helped me become very successful.”

Prior to teaching at ORU, Akbar attended school in Pakistan and did some post-graduate work in Lebanon. Following that, he came to the US and got a job at a Kansas high school. Additionally, he has taught science in Uganda, Kenya and Lebanon. Akbar has now worked at ORU for over 20 years.

“I am pretty blessed,” Akbar says. “I have great students and very good enrollment- my classes are all full. My students are not afraid to ask any questions. They have discovered that they can come to me if they ever have any problems.”

Akbar describes his teaching style as being very simple. He begins teaching his classes with the basic elements of the subject and then works his way up from the bottom. He recognizes that it’s difficult for students to enter into a class with little knowledge of the foundations, and he has found success with starting his class content from the basics.

When asked about his favorite part about the ORU campus, Akbar responds, “Of course, the students are my favorite part. Without the students, there is nothing in the campus. But I also love the architecture of this school. It’s so beautiful. You step foot on campus, and it is just peaceful and serene.”

In his free time outside of ORU, Akbar is an avid reader. He also finds joy in evangelizing to Muslims. “My background is Islamic,” he notes. “I like to go and talk with other people about Jesus. Apart from my family, I spend most of my time studying how to reach out to them, and then going and actually talking to them.”

Robin Akbar is undoubtedly living the life of a whole person. He is committed not only to seeing students succeed, but also to mastering his own craft and establishing the Kingdom of God in the areas where he has been called.

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