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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

Linda Royall is a former Washington, D.c. political reporter and investigative journalist known for teaching her classroom from a truth-seeking, hands-on, real world perspective. Beginning with their introductory classes, students are challenged to research and report on national and global issues of consequence in today’s world.  A strong ethical core and essential wisdom based in a Christian world view, along with a state of the art skill set in new media, empowers young journalists to be the best of the best - to be in the world but not of the world, to be effective across the globe as warriors for the truth. Classrooms and student media organizations are structured to function like a newsroom or broadcast studio, and from day one students are empowered to find the truth and tell it, utilizing primary source research methods and big data computing to dig deep and discover the real news. Open forum classroom debate and discussions about issues affecting the world and a storytelling focus are my teaching trademarks. Students leave each class saying, “I learned so much in this class - I don’t want to leave.” The investigative reporting class, where we work on real cases of national importance is particularly popular. In the last class, we had 100% attendance and all students earned an “A” for their success in solving a longstanding cold case. Multi-platform media is taught across all courses, and in the junior and senior-level classes, students begin utilizing super-computing,  augmented and virtual reality and even drone filming to produce cutting edge, first-class journalism. Students leave ORU empowered for success in national and international media, and several program alumni are working for major global organizations. 

Linda has received awards such as the "National Press Club Educator's award", the "Enterprise Award for New Media" from ORU, the "International Communication Association Media Technology Solutions for the Digital Divide" and the "Poynter Institute Award".

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching Linda's response was, "It occurred to me several years ago that I could only report on so many stories, research and write only a few books, photograph and video just a few relevant scenes and interview but a small number of actors on the world’s stage; however, if I answered God’s call to teach others, I could raise up an army of light bearers and truth seekers to accomplish what I could not alone. Watching our graduates go out into the world and do greater things than I will ever do is most gratifying. I believe the journalists coming out of ORU will meet the challenge of winning the culture war and saving the world. They truly fulfill the Great Commission of bringing the “good (real) news” to every corner of the globe."

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