An empty-nester along with husband George, Kenda Jezek is quick to point out, "Of course, the nest isn't really empty because we're still in it." Actually, the nest is far from empty when you consider there are also their "babies," Lola an adorable 2-year-old Boston Terrier that was the runt of her litter and Polly Pug a stray puppy that has joined their little family recently.

Kenda was born in Prague, Oklahoma, spelled like the Czech capital, but pronounced with a long A, pronounced "Prayge." Her father died when she was just two-years-old. When her mother remarried, the family moved to Marysville, California, where Kenda received an excellent education through high school.

When it came time for college, Kenda came back toward her Oklahoma roots, attending Oklahoma Baptist University. Though she had journeyed far away from her origins, she ended up marrying a man from tiny little Prague, Oklahoma, and lived there for a number of years before finally deciding to move to Tulsa.

Both Kenda and husband George love Tulsa. She has been a professor at ORU since 1985 and feels truly blessed to get to do a job she loves so much. As dean of the nursing program, Dr. Jezek can't believe the compatibility of her team. "We all feel called to be here. We've weathered tough times and built real bonds," she commented. "If I was ever in trouble, I know I could get help from anyone on campus. I know this because I would do the same for them."

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