In a world where two exams are responsible for a class grade, Jonathan Wiley likes to defy the norm. This business instructor desires to create a different classroom atmosphere in which the student is in charge of his/her own grade-if they are willing to responsibly take success into their own hands, they will thrive.

“I like to create an atmosphere of responsibility. I like to have the student’s grade in the student’s hand. If someone is diligent and does the work they need to do, the grade will follow. I like to create a scenario where, if you’re consistent and responsible, you can learn the material and easily get through the class.”

Prior to his teaching career, Jonathan was an ORU student himself . “I literally went from being the student to the teacher over a weekend,” he says. “I started with teaching summer school. It was a wild transition.”

Wiley received Bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and Chemistry in 2005, and graduated from the MBA program in 2007. He is currently working on earning his Doctorate at Oklahoma State University.

“This gives me a unique perspective,” he notes. “I get to sit behind the desk, but I can still relate to the lives of students as well.”

 When asked about his hobbies outside of school, Jonathan prefaces with the remark, “Well, when I had a life-before working toward my Doctorate, I liked to run and read and build things. I’ve done repairs on my car and things of that nature. I also have a motorcycle that I’m trying to get more familiar with.”

Jonathan’s favorite thing about the ORU campus is the overall atmosphere. “I love the environment from a working perspective,” he said. “I enjoy working with the people I work with; working with the students is one of the best parts of the job. ORU has a friendlier atmosphere than most schools. There’s more of an opportunity for students to stop by and just chat with their professors-it’s unique.”

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