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Dr. Daniel Thimell is Associate Professor of Theological-Historical Studies in the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry. He came to teach at ORU because of the emphasis on strong academics and the full range of the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit.

“I think the Holy spirit is working to transform me to be more and more like the image of Christ,” Dr. Thimell states, “and that means growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. And that means growth intellectually, physically, and spiritually.”

The son of Wycliffe missionaries, Dr. Thimell grew up in southern California one of ten children, several of whom have entered the ministry. Some of the formational events in his life were meeting Christ as his personal savior at the age of 7, a high school mission trip to Mexico, being mentored by Ray Anderson at Fuller Seminary, and James Torrance at Aberdeen University in Scotland, and seeing Christ transform lives and God heal people in pastoral ministry.

Dr. Daniel Thimell has served as the pastor of churches in Wyoming, Missouri, Ohio, California, North Dakota, and Idaho, for 20 years prior to coming to teach theology at ORU in 1998. He also taught at Trinity College, Bristol, England and Aberdeen University in Scotland. He currently pastors (part-time) St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Marshall, Oklahoma.

His specialized research areas include the Trinity, Christology, Reformed Theology, and Charismatic Theology. He has particular interest in the thought of John Calvin, John McLeod Campbell, and Karl Barth. He co-edited a book entitled Christ in Our Place, and has contributed many articles to Clergy Journal.

In 1997 Dr. Thimell won first place in a nationwide preaching contest sponsored by Pulpit Digest. Recent contributions have appeared in Todd Speidell's On Being Christian and Human (Wipf and Stock, 2002), in the Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals (InterVarsity Press, 2003), and in the Minister’s Annual Manual 2006-2007.

He is passionate about the living Christ, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and about mentoring and preparing students for ministry. “The Holy Spirit empowers everything I do,” says Thimell. “He gives me an unction when I preach and when I witness. He is the comforter. He makes the Word alive to me as I ponder it. He gives me a spiritual language to pray to the Father.”

His hobbies are hiking, country music, college football. He and his wife have four children: Jeremy, Caleb, Cambria, and Karen.

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