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I began working in the Library in November of 2017 as interim acquisitions librarian focused on collection development for the Graduate Theology Ph.D. program. In August of 2018, I was appointed as the director of the Holy Spirit Research Center. I also occasionally teach classes in the College of Theology and Ministry.

I am best known on campus for my expertise in the history, doctrines, and people from the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement.  My passion is to help a new generation of students to discover a passion for the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives by looking back on the Spirit’s work throughout the history of the global Spirit-empowered movement.  I also love to help students discover the history of ORU, the life of the founder Oral Roberts, and the legacy of the Holy Spirit in the DNA of this university.

My most recognizable publication is Pilgrimage into Pentecost: The Pneumatological Legacy of Howard M. Ervin, which is my 2008 theological biography of this founding ORU theology professor. Since coming to ORU, I have contributed several articles on the life and ministry of Oral Roberts to Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology.  A publisher has expressed interest in publishing a version of my forthcoming Ph.D. dissertation, “The Origin, Development, and Future of Assemblies of God Eschatology.”

As a librarian, my job is to teach students how to become experts at research. This work is so fulfilling and exciting because I get to train students to use the amazing resources available to them in the library to help them produce quality work and excel in their academic pursuits.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to help students discover the joy of researching topics they are passionate about.

Before coming to ORU, I served for 20 years in ministry in Assemblies of God churches in the Tulsa area. 

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