Dr. J. Bryan Osborne, ORU Assistant Professor of Computer Science brings more than two decades of IT industry experience, as well as a background in business, management and marketing. An accomplished and results-driven Information Technology and business professional, the combination of his IT experience and that of an award winning business owner provide him with a unique perspective  in transferring technical experience and skill sets across multiple disciplines.

He has served in many different roles throughout his IT career including data analysis and modelling, database administration, system administration, systems analysis, systems integration, application design and business continuity.

His publications include “Diurnal Evolution of the Convectively Unstable Boundary Layer:  A Computer Simulation” which was presented at the American Meteorological Society’s 11th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence.

Osborne received his B.S. in Computer Science at Arkansas State University, his M.S. in Atmospheric Science at Texas Tech University, and a D.C.S. through Colorado Technical University.

As a strong believer in life-long learning, Osborne has made a habit of turning every role he has filled into an opportunity to learn and to teach, “In the brief time we have on the planet, we should continually strive to better ourselves, and use what we learn to better the lives of others,” he said. Bringing his knowledge, experience and passion to what he refers to as the “most important role in my career,” his heart’s desire is “to best prepare the students with which I am given the privilege to work for the IT challenges that await them.”

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