Dr. Hallett Hullinger has been a faculty member at ORU for over 25 years. He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Science Education as well as a Master of Education in Special Education from the College of William and Mary and completed a Doctorate of Education in Occupational and Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Oklahoma State University.

Prior to coming to ORU, Dr. Hullinger taught Special Education in the U.S. and English in China.  He later came to ORU first to teach English to International students and now teaches modular and online classes in the Graduate School of Education.

When not teaching, Dr. Hullinger enjoys spending time with his family. He is a worship leader and musician at Tulsa Christian Fellowship. His instrument of choice is the guitar. Hobbies include listening to and creating music and being in the great outdoors.

As with many professors, one of his favorite things about ORU is the students and their sense of direction and purpose. He describes all of his students as inspired, busy, and purposeful. Before they graduate from ORU, Dr. Hullinger hopes to impart to them the sensitivity to “draw on the creativity of the Holy Spirit to solve issues in the field of education.”

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