Gerald started at ORU as a student in 1970 and upon graduation started working with technology in the Learning Resources Area of the university.  The seventies were years of growth at ORU and in the field of Educational Technology.  Graduate work at Oklahoma State University and then moving to Michigan State University to finish with a Masters in the area of Educational Design and Technology.  Continued back at ORU working with the new professional schools as an Instructional Designer and Educational Program Producer.  ORU was growing, Gerald started working as the Coordinator of Educational Television producing educational programs and helping out with instructional technology all over campus.

Years of much professional and personal growth.  “Learning from people that I consider to be my mentors, Dr. Even Culp whom I worked with and learned from for many years in television and Mary Martha Black who taught me how to network and to involve older people with strong Christian character in the classrooms of our schools.”  “I am grateful to both of them and to the strong Christian character that I have acquired from my parents.”

These people gave Gerald a strong foundation to start working as a faculty member in the College of Education where he has taught for over 17 years.  “I am working with students who have a strong passion for helping children and they feel called by God to be a teacher. These fantastic teacher candidates have a passion for learning, a love of God and they want to share it by being role model examples to the students and the parents of those that God is placing before them.”

“Working with Educational Technology requires you to keep up with what is going on in the Educational world, both public school classrooms and what is happening in universities around the world, in order to be able to have our students fully prepared for what they may be using at home and in the classroom.  We use technology to allow us to communicate in any language, any time and at any place.  You have to use it, enjoy it, learn it, stretch it to its highest potential and be able to communicate to others about it, students, faculty, staff and administration.”

Judy is Gerald’s wife of 43 years and also an alumnus of the class of 1974.  They have 3 children, Ryan works at QT corporate, James a Director of the Health and Fitness Training area at Lincoln Christian and a married daughter Alycia, working for the city of Benbrook, Texas.  Gerald and Judy are long time members of Spirit Life church in Tulsa.

“We are changing the world with every “Holy Spirit filled” classroom teacher that graduates from the ORU College of Education and that is why we are here.”

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