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The International Student Center seeks to bring support to all international students that study at ORU. Whether through leadership opportunities, various events, or simple services, such as airport pickup, we want to support and empower all international students that come through the doors of Oral Roberts University. Here are a few ways that we seek to offer support:

Airport Pickup

Airport transportation can be difficult. You may not have a US drivers license, a car, or you do not want to park your car at the airport all Summer Break. We get it! Therefore, we want to help YOU! Please reach out to the International Student Center either by calling us at 918.495.7017, emailing us at, or by stopping by the ISC located underneath Claudius Dorms. We would love to try and help you find a ride to and from the airport either from our office or from another student.

International Orientation

During the International Student Orientation, the ISC provides students practical information such as logistics pertaining to visas, D2L training, mentoring opportunities, culture shock and adaptation. This is an effort to help international students accommodate to studying at ORU in a quick and comfortable rate. The event is a mandatory time that takes place at the beginning of each semester for every new incoming international student. If you ever have questions about becoming acclimated to studying at ORU, please reach out to the International Student Center at or at 918.495.7017

Free Rides

As a student, we know that transportation can be difficult. Therefore, we want to help you. With at least a 48-hour advance notice, we would love to try our best to give you a ride to a local store, social security office, or an appointment. This is not supposed to be a recurring service, but the idea is to help you out with sporadic needs. We know that this may not always be possible, but want to try our best to do so. Please contact the International Student Center or stop by our offices to see what we can do to help.

Phone: 918.495.7017


Social Security

If you need help getting a Social Security Number (SSN) in the United States in order to work a job while you are a student, you can find out more information by following this link:

What is SSN?

ORU Family Connect

We understand that it is difficult to go home over breaks and holidays as an international student. We know that not every student gets the precious opportunity to travel home to be with family during breaks. Our goal with ORU’s Family Connect is to link international students with families during the semester breaks and holidays. Whether it is during Fall Break, for Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas, International Family Connect is focused on providing you with a place to call home while studying at ORU. We understand that it is often times difficult to be thousands of miles from your family, surrounded by people that only speak your second language, and not having a place to stay during holiday breaks. That is why we are determined to help serve you by helping to connect them with families here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Not only is our goal to give you the opportunity to be hosted by a family during school breaks and holidays, but we believe that this is an incredibly opportunity for families all around the US to learn about culture, to become more globally aware, make new memories, and to support God’s call on the lives of students from all around. Families have the opportunity to join the mission of ORU to raise up spirit-empowered leaders to take God’s healing power all around the world.

If you are interesting to learn more about ORU’s Family Connect or to become a part of the program, follow the appropriate link below:

Looking to be a host family

A student looking for a host family

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